Just do it

It’s easy to end up wallowing in dissatisfaction or deciding that you’re a victim of life because you’re stuck in a cycle that you don’t want to be in. It’s not fair, it’s not realistic, why not just give up?

How can you ever expect to lead the life of your dreams when you repress and hide it? How can you want to be an icon if you hide and surround yourself with people in a completely different world, whom you then try to embody? Masks will get you no where closer to happiness, physical abundance or satisfaction. Live truly and it’s so much easier and lighter. Life becomes a pleasure when you free yourself from proving to everyone that you’re some kind of false character. How can you expect a career of fulfilment, healthy relationships with people who truly love you, general happiness if you first refuse to be honest with what you want? If you treat people like shit, or don’t even bother developing skills to get better at what you do? You can’t get what you want if at first you don’t ask and act. The world owes you no favours.

Don’t mistake my words for being head in the clouds and naive, “quit your job, bin off your friends, devote every second of your waking life to embodying your interests”. Instead I’m just introducing you to the idea that you’re the only person standing in your way.

To begin with, all physical opportunities to do what you’re being called to do is a blessing- not an expectation. If you want to be a designer and you find a job in being a seamstress, that’s a blessing and an opportunity to be grateful for. If you want to be a designer and you’re frustrated because you work as a waitress and can’t find any jobs in being a designer- you need to work. Get home from your job and design, make, create, display. Get attention. There’s always something you can do.

Use the yodelling Walmart kid as an example. He wore that outfit and sang a relatively unknown song of an outlandish genre at his local grocery store. He’s a student, I’m assuming he goes to school; he could get ripped the shit out of and he did it anyways. Loads of times loads of tries because he enjoyed it, he didn’t let fear of who will see him get in his way. It took one person to surprise him by posting a video that went viral and now he’s made an appearance on Ellen, has a huge following and a world of opportunities opening up to him because he took a couple of hours out of his day to sing at Walmart. People laughed at the strangeness of the video but eventually concluded that he has a pair of fucking tuneful lungs- respect to the kid for not caring and seeing past all the bullshit of people who don’t get him. He got where he wanted.

So if you want to write, you don’t have to quit your jobs and frantically search for apprenticeships or all consuming bold ways of doing it- just free up some time, get over the fear of people seeing your stuff and publish your words for an audience. If you want friends who are more your people, do more of what makes you happy publically and be authentic. Start conversation, try to see the beauty and opportunity in everyone and everything. If you want a relationship, stop lying to yourself, state how you want to be treated, set boundaries and just love purely. There’s always time, there’s always a way round, there’s always something you can do. If you want to do yoga, just fucking do yoga. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in life starts with a few baby steps, don’t let fear or judgement or any other wastes of your time get in the way. The rewards for your work can be incomprehensible, and the people you will meet along the way will feel more like home because they’re able to appreciate your fierceness.

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