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I’m writing a book. 

I’ve always wanted to do it but the words weren’t ready to come out yet because I had to become the person I am today in order to find the stories, the truths, the lessons that I pass down in this book. 

There are things going on in my life which I can’t discuss. I haven’t fully processed all the emotions of it yet, so even if I was legally allowed to discuss my pain and emotions, I’m not yet the version of me who is able to tell the next person how to cope. In its entirety. 

But I wanted to write this just because I’ve always written through pain, and sometimes little snippets of guidance can’t always wait. Sometimes you need a sign, or a word of comfort, or a reminder that you are your own inner stability. 

My book will basically be a survival guide that I would have given to myself as a child, navigating through every single crazy, pivotal, ‘traumatising’ milestone that was out of my control. 

2020 has been something crazy. 

Many of us astrology/ big picture people knew it would be, but preparing for it and living it are two entirely different concepts. 

Its a year that will break you to make you. Even with the use of astrology and a psychic/connected perspective- I have struggled. I’ve worried, I’ve feared, my ego has been filling my head with chatter that will stress me out to the point of sickness.

Just know that this is just restructuring, and when the year ends, we will process what we learned. Gradually, the chaos grounds itself into a new reality. 

We are becoming the versions of ourselves that we need to be in order to live in this new world. 

To get there, we must learn to settle our fears and connect to our inner peace. We must get to know ourselves through and through. We need to know what it feels like to be in a situation, be in the opposite situation, and everything in between. That’s understanding, and ultimately, we want the world to be more understanding. More connected.

The many divisions being created now are just sweeping the pavement and creating the new version of you, so learn from this pain and be in it. Don’t just wait for it to pass. Look for resources to heal, and learn to ask for signs and guidance. Learn to follow that sign and guidance. Learn the art of symbolism.

I have been starting and scrapping blog posts this week about all kinds of things. Drugs, loss, healing, good/bad relationships, dropping old habits, building new ones. 

Ultimately the core of everything I was writing is trying to guide people to peace.

What peace looks like to them. 

Sometimes people need specific and in depth chats to heal from specific things.

Sometimes people need to be reminded of what the goal is.

Just peace. Still and calm peace. Happiness and enjoyment and peace.

And if peace has none of these egoic and opinionated attachments to it, then it doesn’t matter what I have to say about drugs and social circles and my judgement on things. 

It just matters that I am at peace, I follow my way, and I live a life of love. 

Everything else is just noise.

That would be how I teach peace.

By living that experience.

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