June Newsletter (astrology n tarot)


As a brief overview, June looks as though it’s about to be a month of peaceful growth.

For a lot of people things have been looking up, and you’ve been doing more of whatever keeps you busy. Being around people.

Around the middle of the month, there is some kind of pressure being felt. An awareness of having to move forward so that you don’t stagnate. Not really a bad thing unless you choose to take it that way.

For the rest of the month there is a focus on mindfulness. A need to get to grips with being around people without overextending yourself.

The first 10 or so days of the month there will be many opportunities presenting themselves to you, and this will look different for different groups of people. For the most part I feel this is to do with social circles. There’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new normal.

Make sure you remain true and authentic to yourself during this time. There is a lot of energy surrounding honest communication and the way you present yourself to the world. Be sure to not lose yourself amongst the festivities, because when you don’t know who you are, you will not feel at home in the company you’re in for any real length of time.

On the 3rd there is a New Moon in Gemini. This new moon cycle is all about dealing with your own duality. It’s best utilised by acknowledging your need for change and using the energy to manifest the change that you really desire.

The new moon hits each sign/ person differently.

On the 4th, Mercury goes into the sign of Pisces. In regular folk speak, be prepared for communication to be a little bit all over the place. It may be vague and unclear, with people not saying what they truly want to. This could create some underlying tension in relationships.

Anything not being said will come to a head when the time is right.

It may be worthwhile to meditate a little bit more than usual and observe your emotions before reacting.

Seek comfort and reassurance in your own independence, reminding yourself that you are going to be okay no matter what, because you have always got yourself. Be your own home before inviting someone else in.

On the 9th Venus enters Gemini. This brings a light-hearted energy. There will be a real broadening of interests for many, and a desire to learn.

You don’t have to be sure of anything right now, so don’t even try. It’s okay to explore so long as you’re being a good and honest person- and not hurting anyone.

Between the 10th and 14th of the month, expect to re-evaluate your life a little bit. You may slowly begin to recognise that although you’re having fun, you’d like to backtrack a little bit. You’d like to take some more time for yourself and place your focus on manifesting in an area of your life that you haven’t been paying as much attention to.

Some of you are gonna be panicking because there’s been too much distraction and not enough work.

Others are gonna be restless because of too much work and not enough fun.

The remainder are either going to be frustrated for no reason, or detached because they’re trying to reach balance within.

Just ride the wave. It just be like that sometimes. Things will play out as they are meant to.

This is a really good time to consciously make the effort to see the best in things and utilise the law of attraction.

Do your best to get into this state of allowing things to happen without feeling the need to control how things are going to play out.

If there’s a situation in your life that you feel a real possession over, like this HAS to play out a certain way, you will be forced to let go.

It might hurt, but it’s for your own happiness.

Around about the 15th with Mercury conjunct the North Node there will be an opportunity to make some tangible change. You’ll be preparing for something, either getting paperwork together, having important discussions or something like that. There will be focus on the future. There’s a bit of an emphasis on shedding old skin, so this could mean actually physically moving on up, or finally letting go of some sort of grudge or remorse that you’ve been hanging on to for a long time.

The 16/17th of the month marks the date of the full moon in Sagittarius.

In a nutshell, this moon cycle will help you release any fears, attachments or pessimistic approaches you’re holding on to which weigh you down. This moon will affect fire signs most prominently (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius). You will be releasing a bunch of self-destructive habits/ thought patterns which stand in the way of your success. It may feel like you’re actually hanging on to them because they might be in your consciousness, but they’re actually coming up to be released.

On the 21st Neptune is stationary Retrograde so expect to be having intense, healing dreams (if you’re prone to them sort of things). I love a good dream. The subconscious is really gonna be speaking to you.

Also, on the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer.

The Sun changing sign has a subtle impact each month, it’s quietly influential. Cancer is a very sensitive, intuitive, nurturing sign. It can either be very overbearing, or very calming. That’s the ‘theme’ of the next astrological month, I guess. Being ruled by your emotion a bit more than normal.

Around the 24th there is likely going to be a shared feeling of general fatigue.

If you’re more emotional or sluggish than usual, it’s likely because your emotions are really taking over your body (regardless of whether or not you’re aware of them). Sometimes when the earth goes through these energetically intense times we just feel the impact of it, and there’s no real need to understand. Just take care of yourself.

On the 27th, Mercury enters Leo. Communication will be more self-serving; this could give people the nudge they need to be able to speak out on their needs. Asking for what they want instead of just keeping everything to themselves.

That’s June.

Hope it serves you well as always!


June feels like a really soft time with a lot of potential. The energy feels powerful, but gentle.

You have the potential to manifest a lot this month, so long as you go with the flow and allow yourself to be surprised.

The universe isn’t cruel, it’s unapologetic. It knows the difference between what will make you happy, and what you keep telling yourself will make you happy.

So to reiterate, the most prominent theme this month is letting go of your expectations, and allowing yourself to just be in the moment. Creating as you go along, and listening to the way each moment makes you feel.

Things do not have to look a certain way. You do not have to be with a certain person, doing a certain thing, living up to a certain image.

So what do you want?

Now is not the time to be hanging on to things desperate to make them work, because as the seasons are changing, so are the cycles in our lives.

Look on these cards and see what they mean to you. I generalised the reading a little this month as I feel like a lot of people would benefit from getting in touch with their own intuition this next 30 days.

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