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This Month’s theme is going to be very goal orientated, and the best way to navigate through it is by using your intuition and staying as mindful and balanced as possible.

Now is not a good time to try and push forward if things just aren’t working, it’s not a good time to force things. It’s a very influential time to do whatever is within your ability when it comes to working towards your goals. Doing what feels right should be your main concern.

There’s power in the knowing that things are all going to work out even if you don’t have a time frame or a certainty. Surprises come out of nowhere, and they always reward integrity.

At the beginning of the month, Mars enters Leo. Leo is humorous and firey. This will likely give a bit of zest to the collective, encouraging people to put themselves first and remember who they are. Not compromising their desires for anybody. This is amazing stuff.

Obviously this may manifest in hurtful ways for some, but please remember that rejection is redirection. It’s for the greater good.

Mars in Leo will have you wanting to succeed and do well and move forward for your sake, but you will likely want to receive recognition for it. If you’re gonna give it the big one, make sure you can walk the talk.

On the 2nd there’s a new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in the sign of Cancer. Solar eclipses heighten the energy of the moon as it intensifies the power of it. This next 28-day cycle will be all about how you can emotionally fulfil yourself.

Things are probably gonna go ‘bang’ in some area of everyone’s life. People are probably going to be in emotional chaos. It’s all just part of the ride.

The moons energy at this time is best used to focus on manifesting a real sense of belonging in the world. Use your emotion as a way to purge out any old negative emotion that’s still lingering around and killing your vibe. Feel it to release it.

Venus is staying in Cancer until the 28th– so if people aren’t feeling cherished, they’re not gonna be feeling very good. At this time gentleness is going to be appealing to people.

There will be a real desire to find peace. Ironic, because this transit can also mean that people will be feeling FEIRCE and argumentative if they feel a bit let down or hurt.

You may become more empathetic and able to pick up on certain energies and feelings coming from other people.

On the 8th Mercury stations retrograde, buckle up for another few weeks of re-evaluating, reconsidering, revisiting old projects to do with communication, and generally having your patience tested. You may find yourself becoming slightly more withdrawn during this retrograde if it hits you particularly hard. Try not to project your wounds on to other people, and be cautious with how you allow others to treat you.   

You may find yourself really rebelling against people’s expectations of you.

On the 9th, Chiron goes retrograde.

Chiron is my favourite story in all Greek Mythology. To me, it is beautiful.

During this retrograde expect to be healing any part of you that is keeping you from being your best self.

Expect to be having some weird flackbacky moments that either trigger something within you or make you feel triumphant and accomplished. If a flashback doesn’t make you feel good, it’s showing you that you need to make your current life happier so that the past no longer affects you in this way.

Chiron retrograde helps you tend to your wounds and alchemise bad experiences into lessons that you can use to your advantage. It’s a great time to be able to re-write your karma.

There will be a lot of supportive energy this month whether that be in the form of a social circle or a comforting kind of spiritual presence making you okay with the solitude of the month. Allow yourself to just be in this energy.

On the 16th we have the second Eclipse of the month. A Full Moon/ Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. It’s about to go DOWN.

As I said before, any kind of eclipse makes a moon cycle more powerful and effective to work with. Full moons are all about release, so this energy is set to be pretty intense and pretty crazy.

Just ride the wave and you’ll see in retrospect how the craziness caused a shift in your life that was destined to happen in some way.

I do get a message that I feel some group of people need to hear; ‘Remind yourself who you do your work for’.

As I’m typing this I’ve got ‘where is the love’ by the black-eyed peas playing in my head clairaudient-ly, so take that as you will. That’s quite funny, actually.

There’s a strong connection relating back to March, releasing something that happened in March or revisiting a project that you started, something like that.

It’s like closing the door on something for good. I don’t know if that is going to make sense to anyone I’m just going on a tangent here as I’ve started getting messages.

Anyway, back to it.

Try to involve yourself with being a charitable person as giving back and being a generally good soul is going to give people a lot of comfort. Do something rewarding.

On the 19th there may be a bit of intense energy surrounding communication. Because mercury is in retrograde at this time, be particularly careful when you speak and consider how your words might be received. Don’t hold back when it comes to saying things that need to be said but do be prepared to face the ‘consequences’ of your words.

On the 23rd, Leo season begins! Happy birthday to all Leo’s, lap up the attention. 

During this season you’ll likely be coaxed out of that little self-love bubble you’ve barricaded yourself into and return to your social life. It’s time to balance the work with play. It’ll be easier to take risks and be playful from now on.

On the 28th Venus joins Leo and here is where you’re gonna want that recognition for all the growing you’ve been doing this past month. Be proud of yourself, and validate yourself. It’s you that you really want the love and attention from anyway.

Now is the time to bring forward the lessons you have learnt and put them into some kind of charity as a way of giving to society.

That is July. Happy monthing! 

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