It is easy to make problems out of nothing and make things into a big deal unnecessarily when we feel insecure. We fall victim to illusions of the head fog.

Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding in how to handle this. We do not need to isolate ourselves and cut off people simply because they can’t handle the way we are; instead we need to take care of ourselves and alter our expectations of them. The world will not change in order for us to feel comfort because the universe doesn’t owe us shit. The challenge and lessons are learnt as we adapt and heal ourselves in order to become comfortable in the world around us.

If you don’t feel good enough it’s because you’re being called to prove to YOURSELF that you are. It’s because there is a way you are supposed to be behaving or a thing that you are supposed to be working on that will make you feel whole. The monkey mind chatters and tells us things that aren’t true, our challenge is to quiet it and instead, see the big picture.

For example, you may have a very healthy and functional romantic relationship but you are very sensitive and begin arguments/ creating toxic patterns because you are triggered by seeing something that your partner did; something that was perceived wrongly out of your own insecurity. Something simple such as being nice to a cashier, or liking their co-workers Instagram picture. You may feel threatened and accuse them of “flirting”. You may go off on one asking “is it so hard to just not like that picture out of respect for me”, when in reality you should be asking yourself “is it so hard to let it slide? Why am I being so harsh to my partner? Where is this coming from? Why do I expect them to change their behaviour instead of me?”.

Cut the bullshit, how do you feel? “I feel angry and frustrated”, why? “Because — did this”, but what did it trigger in you? “The idea that I’m not good enough”, why do you feel like you’re not good enough?
Ultimately it’s because you feel as though you’re not living up to your potential. Perhaps you should just simply be kinder to those around you, perhaps you have a purpose to serve on this planet and should be investing more time into work or whatever it is you feel called to. How can you highlight the beauty within your soul?

Either way, your security is not dependant on others, it is dependant on how in align you feel with yourself. You are unshakeably enough no matter what, and you have great potential. Do what you are being called to do rather than wasting your energy focussing on a situation that does not need chaos brought to it.

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