In the event of a Tory majority:

We tried- and it didn’t work- so where do we go from here?

I said even before the general election that I am not usually a political person.

It felt important to get the word out this year.

A lot of people had a lot of hope after a very hard 9 years and voting labour was like a catalyst for a lot of people to showcase what they believe in. It was a way for a lot of people to showcase their want for a more loving world.

I mentioned that I was voting labour because of what it represents; actively choosing a party/leader who is NOT openly and unapologetically racist, fascist, discriminatory, selfish, and ignorant. Actively choosing love and equality.

I wanted to help elect a party who had potential to encourage a new narrative in Britain that wasn’t outdated and hateful.

It looks as though the world (England, particularly) is not ready for that as far as politics goes.

I’m sorry that it has to be that way.

I wanted to write something for those of you who felt this election in your heart and desperately had hope for a less hostile and difficult future.

Despite me wanting a labour government, I didn’t have much faith in the people of England to share my perspective. I know some people really did.

First of all- the reason I am not usually political is because when I feed into politics I immediately feel as though I am giving up my power.

Allow me to explain.

Politics is bred off hysteria and politicians trying to win you over by peacocking the illusion of control they have over you. The attachments you make to a political outcome is more telling of your morals and values than it is faith in a government.

Listen to your morals and consider how you can live a life in alignment with those even if you don’t get the outcome you’re hoping for.
That’s how you keep your power.

There are going to be a lot of people very depressed at the outcome of the election because they feel powerless. The only power they thought they had was in their ballot paper, and if that doesn’t ‘make a difference’ they don’t want it.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Despite being put in some very tough, emotionally turbulent, sticky situations as a young person courtesy of the tory government- I’ve never really expected anybody to just help me get out of those situations. Even if they ‘should’.

I learned from a young age that you can’t really count on anybody.

I’ve always had it in my head that I gotta do it myself or else I’ll die.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a good outlook on life to have- but it’s helped me live and do relatively well despite being in tough situations. No matter what happens, I will not let the government or the situation I am in cause me to believe that I won’t succeed.

Just because the election is over doesn’t mean change cannot take place.

I will not have this piece of writing EVER be used as propaganda for the conservatives to read and go ‘see! Austerity isn’t that bad! You’ll survive!’ because I do not endorse their ignorance and negligence.

What I intend for this writing to do is spark a comfort in you and hopefully get you to realise that you have power just by being a person in this world.

The government can make things easier or harder for you, but they can’t take away your power.

You just gotta do what you can.

We all have something that someone else could do with in their lives.

We all have value of some kind. Whether it’s a unique perspective on things, knowledge of how to treat a sick person, a spare room, a leaflet for a free evening class or a kind heart that brings comfort and hope to people.

We all have potential of some kind. The ability to do really well as a care worker, or a business owner, on entertainer or a news reporter. We can educate ourselves on how we can generate income, we can become more innovative and creative. We can learn. This is our time to try to be tiny pieces of gold in the shit pit that is this country.

You utilising your value makes a change to someone else in a massive way. Say you put someone up in your spare room of sofa for a bit until they get back on their feet- you have done something huge for a better society. You’ve given them opportunity. Say you’ve started freelancing to try and start a business- your art may have been the perfect gift for someone because it’s so unique. Maybe you have extensive medical knowledge from a course you took in science and you making a passing comment about how someone could treat a rash (which you thought was nothing) made a difference to that persons wellbeing. Maybe you literally just have a contagious ‘shit happens’ attitude that empowers people.

Genuinely all we can do is be kind because the smallest things that we don’t notice can make such a different to others both physically and mentally.

It creates a ripple effect.

Get your health up, do your best to make that money, and when you do succeed (however that looks) be sure to share it with others. You don’t succeed just for your own sake.

Please try to take this as motivation to take your power back. Please do your best to not be a victim to the result of this election.

Life can be dark and it can make our hearts heavy, especially if you can see suffering with your own eyes- but as long as someone has you in their life to care and campaign and do your best for them, that’s all we can ever do. It will be alright.

You are the change, and it doesn’t stop here.

We will deal with the rest of the negative effects of whoever gets in when (and if) it comes, because it might never happen.

Everyone gets humbled eventually, and we all unite under different circumstances.

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