if you have healed you have won

At the moment we are seeing a very clear divide in people throughout the country.

That is what it boils down to. 

Whatever label you want to put on these divisions 

‘Black people and allies vs racists’

‘Elitist cults vs anarchists’

‘Trans people vs transphobia’

‘Women and allies vs the patriarchy’

It boils down to:

People who have healed from their ancestral conditioning, and people who are yet to adapt for the purposes of survival. 

Fear has been a tactic used to control the masses for a long time because fear stunts free thought and healing. 

Fear has also been used to silence people and keep them obedient.

But due to the fast paced changes this world has been going through, particularly the rise in social media and technology, the younger generations are more open minded, free thinking, and ‘mentally ill’.

Which means we are forced to seek healing. 

And lucky for us, there are plenty more opportunities to diagnose your issues and heal your wounds now than there ever were for generations before us. 

I’m not talking about traditional therapy where you go through the system, with government funded help. 

I’m not shitting on that idea either, if it works it works. 

I’m talking about ancestral wounds that people have never had the mindful elasticity to analyse and undo before. 

An easy example of this is political views. Lets start at the surface level before we dig a little deeper.

Young people who are racist, homophobic, generally backwards in their way of thinking- were taught to be that way. 

In my generation (somewhere between the millennials and Gen Z-ers) that way of being is not the norm. 

We are the generation that will lead the revolution and permanently enforce change in this world. 

We can see it now, in 2020, with the protests and refusal to be drowned out by old views. 

Where before, it was more common to sit down and shut up to look desirable; that is now no longer acceptable for our generation. It is more common and encouraged to educate, grow, and enforce change. 

Change will come. There is no going against it. 

So why are these young contratians even kicking off? 


It is as ironic as it sounds.

Us who are fighting for equality and lack of violence are doing so for the purposes of survial, because we are surviving in the new age.

Those who are trying to stop the new age from coming in are doing so because they have not yet experienced the discomfort of the old age that we have.

These people have not yet hit a point in life where they have been humbled into thinking differently and healing. They do not know what it is like to be independent.

So they heard certain authority figures express certain political views in their childhood, repeated them, and were praised for what they said. It’s obedience. And due to the fact that they have clearly not been separated from that childish mindset, it has stuck. They now regurgitate old outdated narratives claiming that they are entirely their own ideas (without educating themselves further and being a standard case study of the black box theory) for want of some kind of sticker. 

That why a lot of racists just be saying things with their chest. People have agreed with them for so long that they think they have some kind of right to. 

But the times. Are. Forever. Changing. 

So now I will circle back to my original point. 

It’s all in the healing. 

The millennials, cuspers, and Gen Z have experienced the MOST rapid change in our lifetime, and as a result, we have become misfits of our family. 

We have experienced life from too many angles to be put in a particular box with particular old beliefs. 

We have different people around us, we have social media, and we have alternate forms of education which are far more appealing and suited to our ways of learning that the school system ever was. 

Having these odd views makes us feel out of place. 

And that can cause a lot of pain. We are, at our cores, tribal creatures of survival. Rejection used to mean death in our primitive days, and that conditioning is still embedded in the human mind.

So we experience all the primitive fears and triggers which come from being rejected, which can manifest in feeling EXTREMELY troubled. Perhaps even mentally ill. 

Particularly as you turn about 18 years old.

It is a time of mass uncertainty. At this point, no road is paved for you. 

You have to craft your life based on intuition.

But to move forward, we are faced with the challenge of working through these primitive fears and triggers. 

Once again, in a way prior generations have not had to do even half as much. 

Free thinking has become more common. 

As we learn that fears come from survival, and we undo our conditioning around survival, we become less controlled by our ‘authority’ figures. 

As we learn that triggers are a trigger, no more no less, we learn to recognise why we are feeling scared and present ourselves from spiralling to a debilitating level of depression. 

We are not silenced. 

So our loud and unapologetic (relatively healed) mindset makes us leaders. 

Our education and dislike for the figures who have manipulated us into being obedient for so long makes us truthful. 

So we are warriors of truth. 

There are (give or take) 3 generations healing and playing part in changing the world. 

We were a generation who were psychologically, spiritually, mentally shaped for this. 

I was guided to write this and when I began to write I didn’t know where this post would go. But I trust that it might be useful for someone to hear, for the purpose of certainty, perhaps?

If you’ve healed, you have won. 

If you’re a healer,step up and teach those around you how you came to be a healer. 

We lead by example. 

The world will never again be drowned out by the ignorance of obedience.

I might write some more about healing in depth, but I did that a lot more a few years ago. If I can flow with it I will.

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