i love that the world is falling apart

This is a controversially optimistic take on the world at the moment, but I’m not going to act like I’m afraid simply because people are telling me to be.

2020 has been so fascinating, I wrote about it around the new year, I made my predictions, I’ve been writing a different perspective about ww3, covid-19, etc.

I don’t like traditional journalism because it’s fear mongering but what I love about journalism is the ability to let your curiosity fly. There is so much that you can find out about and document. Journalism to me is just complete freedom- you get paid for investigating things and stalking your interests.

But this is also why I am so confused by the concept of the media being negative with everything they say. It causes such distrust. Journalism has been used to control people in the past but the more it tries in the new age, the more it’s just exposing itself for having bad vibes.

Literally every piece of news is written from a depressing and alarming angle, panic words are sprinkled in at any given opportunity, articles rhetorically ask the question ‘what’s gonna happen if!!!’ and it’s basically just boxing up people’s thoughts.

It’s like fear is used to bombard people before they get the liberation that comes from curiosity.

You can see it now more than ever with covid-19.

I’ve already written about how this is (for the most part) being used to create mass hysteria.

I understand concern for the vulnerable. New mothers, the elderly, those who love someone that is more likely to get the illness.

But I will remind you that your health is within your control. Worrying will weaken your health and you will be more likely to contract something if you let it play on your mind.

The media are wanting you to be scared, for one reason or another.

I think the bigger picture of it is that this wave of mysterious illness is bringing up truths that people cannot ignore.

This is happening in unique way in each country, but it’s really interesting seeing how this is playing out in the UK.

Britain is built with ignorance and arrogance.

There is a pride that comes with having a ‘stiff upper lip’ which is quite frankly, bullshit.

British people look down on non-western cultures- however this country has been the literal worst at it’s conduct following the outbreak of coronavirus.

We are the only country not on lockdown despite the figures of people with coronavirus increasing at a level similar to Italy.

We aren’t cleaning at the same level, or testing for the virus as much, nor are we testing peoples health at airports and large venues.

You cant ignore that this country is arrogant and ignorant.

When there is a problem, leave your pride at the door and fix it.

Fix it, or get coronavirus and die out.

The choice is that simple.

So quite simply, if you can see that we are useless, thoughtless, and careless of anyone who is not wealthy- HOW could you still back traditional British values?

See? Things are changing.

What I can’t stand about it in particular is the way that if somebody introduces an ‘outside the box’ idea- British people will quite literally squawk at you for being ‘rude’ AKA challenging what you’re being forced to see. Not gonna be able to do that anymore on account of the drastic circumstances.

Outside the box thoughts are not rude they are what make the world go round. Saying that outside the box thoughts are ‘rude’ is amusing to me because you’re doing yourself a disservice. You will be forced to think differently at some point at you’re make yourself look a tit in the meantime.

So to get back on topic:

I don’t see life that negative way. My response isn’t to be fearful because I don’t see the point. To me it is suspicious that every single friggin news angle wants me to be scared. What’s the point in seeing life that way? I can’t understand it.

We all live, we all face weird challenges, we have ups and downs and unanswered questions, we learn lessons and figure it out and play the game of karma and then we die.

In the words of Frank Sinatra, that’s life.

I’m not scared for two reasons.

The first: I am aware that the worst thing that can happen is death.

I think I see death very differently to the majority of people in British culture because I am very aware of the different perspectives out there. They make better sense to me.

And because my perspective of death is different it isn’t so easy to scare me.

I see death the way pre-hispanic cultures saw death, and I am more aligned with the perspective of cultures that celebrate Día de Muertos.

I see death as the natural ending to a karmic contract we agreed to pre-incarnation. So as sad as a loss might be on the human level- as sad as you may be to have lost a person on the physical realm- I also understand that there is a level of freedom which comes with death. So I will be sad for me and my loss, I won’t mourn on another person’s behalf because I don’t think they just fell out of existence- they changed form and their soul carried on elsewhere.

So with that knowledge of death, and with the knowledge that contracting and treating Covid-19 is very much within a persons control I’m not scared.

In not being bogged down by the noise of fear, I can observe things. I can see what the media is trying to do, I can see that this is history repeating itself- I can see that attitudes are being forced to change and this is a natural cycle that society goes through just before great change happens.

We are entering a new age of new thinkers and in order for people to come round to a break through way of thinking, they must feel the intensity that provokes it.

When I tried to channel some information surrounding covid-19 I got visions of a kettle screaming and bubbling before it boiled- and I also got reminded of noah’s arc. Which sounds insane, I am aware, but it’s my job to say what I see.

I also heard my Grandmother who is currently in her last days due to alzheimers- she was saying “it wasn’t the cough that carried him off it’s the coffin he carried him off in”.

I’m not sure if that’s the part of her on the other side which is aware of coronavirus or if it was just her trying to be funny.

I felt a natural reaction of guilt to being reminded of noahs arc but then I saw that some other psychics predicted covid-19 years ago.

This is an extract of one psychic (Dean Koontz) who wrote about 2020 in his book ‘The eyes of Darkness’.

Another psychic predicted Covid-19 and said it would be a cleansing process. This author was named ‘Sylvia Brown’ and her book ‘End of Days’ was published in 2008.

It’s comforting knowing that others experience knowledge from not being swept in hysteria. As sure of yourself you may be it is nice to get affirmation from other people.

The world goes through cleansing processes every now and then and this has happened time and time again.

As a ‘psychic’ you can predict things and write them down and have evidence until you are blue in the face but there will still be people with their arms crossed looking down at you looking for reasons to be sceptical, as if you should care about the validation of 58 year old Barry from Clacton on Sea who shares ‘Britain First’ memes on facebook.

You’re not crazy for not being scared at something despite the fact everyone around you may be.

You’re not insensitive, you’re not an ego-maniac and you’re not cold hearted for not having the same response as everybody else.

You’re actually the energy that we all need to be in and although it is challenging to be sure of yourself when you are so different and when you operate differently, you will be thanked.

When you are able to be calm and listen to reason from the depths of your soul- that’s where you find answers.

You don’t have to care. You can be comfy on your own and you can be so secure within yourself that other people’s opinions don’t matter.

I know that I would have needed to hear this if a younger version of me was experiencing the covid-19 panic- so I am writing it for anybody else who might need a reminder.

That’s all for today to be honest.

The world is very big and there is always a lot going on that we don’t know about- so please don’t be bogged down by the overwhelming amount of coverage on one thing.

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