I got rejected from channel 4

I was having a really rough time at work a few months ago. I was feeling really stuck and small in this little town.

I had it in my head that I was going to be living in London within 6 months and that’s final.

So I worked myself to the bone.

I applied to loads of different opportunities with a dazzling portfolio that I worked really hard on.

I applied to a Sales Apprenticeship at Channel 4 on a complete whim thinking that nothing would come of it.

Lo and behold, 2 months later I received an email telling me that I had been shortlisted for the role.

I was gobsmacked.

I eventually settled into the idea by telling myself that Channel 4 must be giving everyone a go. They’re known for being very open minded and diverse.

I was really busy during the week long lead up to the interview with tarot events, readings to get done, freelance work, and friends to see. It was also my birthday during that time.

I went up to London on a Sunday to stay with my best pal (would have been roommate) for a few days before the interview.

We kept busy.

We went out on the Sunday night, we had a lovely day on the Monday, and on Tuesday, all of a sudden it was time for my interview.

Prior to the assessment day, Channel 4 gave us a breakdown of the day we were set to have as well as a task they’d assigned all the applicants.

We had to produce a 3-minute-long presentation (no more than 3 minutes) about something we are passionate about.

I chose to write about people.

I’m passionate about people, informing people, helping people, empowering people.

I showcased all the ways I did that already and I related it back to Channel 4 by saying that Channel 4 has so much power in bringing comfort and empowerment to people from all different types and background. There’s reality and escapism, it appeals to so many people.

The applicants got to Channel 4 at 9.30am. The tube was not pleasant, but we got there. All I have to say is God bless city mapper

*Here’s a selfie I took just off the tube and in the building to prove to my mum that I was there, please excuse the lack of smile as I was recovering from the fact that I was sneezed on x *

We assembled in the reception area.

The building is so unique and appealing. When I was there a guy who already had work experience when going for the role told us that the architect who designed it had a signature move of incorporating the shape of a penis into each layout of the build.

It’s true. I was looking for them all day. I spotted about 5.

There was about 14 of us, everyone was so genuinely friendly. A lot of us exchanged social medias and we instantly just got on so well. As much as I wanted the job, it ended up that I was subtly rooting for some of them to get the role because of how lush they were and how well I think they would do.

We were taken down to this cinema area where we were shown a montage of Channel 4 shows. We were told that this was the only assessment day for the role, and that it was really difficult to get to where we all were at this stage so no matter what happens we have done incredibly well.

Hold on.

This is the only assessment day… and there are 14 of us in this little cinema.

Our applications were in the top 14 of the hundreds/thousands of people who applied across the country.

All that was going through my mind is ‘how did I get here?’. At that point, just to be able to say that I’d been to the building and had been shortlisted was enough. Top 14 added to the list made me incredibly happy.

We were all given an icebreaker question, ‘if you were an ice cream flavour what would you be, and why?’, all that kind of stuff.

Nobody was shy, which I liked. We all seemed to gel really well despite the fact that we were competing against each other. I got on well with the sales team too. They were cool.

Next, we got divided into 2 groups. Within our groups, we went down to a swanky looking boardroom where we were shown a controversial advert by KFC. We were split into 2 smaller subgroups and asked to discuss what we thought about the advert. Was it a good sales technique? What impression did it give? Whatever it was that you said, you kind of had to infuse your personality in it. The sales team were dotted around the room taking notes of how we were participating and how well we were working as a team. Another thing one of the sales team told us was not to ‘just sit there with a mouth full of teeth’. I liked that.

I think I made a pretty good impression; I made a couple of them laugh. I was happy with how it went. My team had some really clever ideas.

Once that was done, we were sent down to the next task of the morning.

The daunting independent task. The 3-minute presentation.

The nerves and adrenaline were insane. We were all sat in a group bantering about how nervous we were and trying to distract ourselves by getting to know each other more.

I was eventually called in.

I went over the 3 minute mark by about 30 seconds, and I’m not sure that it came across entirely as Channel 4 based as they would have liked.

I found myself talking a lot about my blog, my tarot services, how I already showcase my passion.

I related it back to Channel 4 in the end, but I can see why they might have chosen somebody else’s application over mine.

I’ve got a lot going on right now.

We went down to the cafe when everybody had finished to claim our free lunch.

There were so many different options, gormet like chef’s, and the coolest most modern looking layout I’ve ever seen.

I had the pengest lunch. All the while, I was talking with the team and we were discussing what we want the outcome to be.

Obviously we all wanted it, but we were saying ‘well if we don’t get it, there might be something else’.

In that moment, I really did not know what I wanted.

I put all my faith in the decision made by Channel 4.

I could move to London and work there by next month, because I can do anything with enough passion and work. That being said, I don’t know if that’s meant to be.

Nothing that’s meant for you will pass you by, I’m a firm believer in that. You gotta go for it all and learn from whatever happens.  

I was thinking about my current apprenticeship, the massive life changes I’d be going through in the next month, my parents, my business, my finances.

I just surrendered.

Come 2pm there was a knockout round. Half of me was hoping to leave and meet my mate Sid for a vegan sausage roll, half of me was intrigued to stay and be able to see how far I could go with this.

It was really unpredictable.

It ended up that I was knocked out at 2pm and didn’t make it to the final stage.

Those who went through had more experience working for TV companies, generally working in Sales, they’d applied for the role more than once.

I left feeling a little deflated, but relieved.

I had been given the answer that it just wasn’t for me right now. Maybe it will be in the future, maybe not. I had a really cool day though, and I met some cool people.

The other people who got knocked out didn’t seem to be disheartened either. They felt like they weren’t ready too, or that they just didn’t want it and they decided within the day.

I met Sid down at Westminster because I accidentally walked into an environmentalist protest and was too intrigued to leave.

We sat on a wall eating our pastries and watched an argument between some This is England type blokes taking the piss out of the environmentalists who were just trying to do their thing.

In that moment I just felt like everything was gonna be okay.

Life is so unpredictable. You just gotta see where the wind blows.

For now, I’m gonna focus on adventure and learning. It was a really cool experience, it changed my perspective on things. It helped me get a bit more clear on what I want.

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