I changed my life in 3 months

On 7th February 2019 I was deeply lost and very unhappy.

This was when I was deep in my spiritual quest, and my YouTube subscriptions box was full of tarot readings, mediums, life coaches.

I watched a meditation session/ collective energy update by Aluna Ash 9D. I’m no longer subscribed to anyone from the VERY spiritual community because I no longer feel the need to be so attached to it, however she’s one of the people I was subscribed to that really does have a gift. There’s no denying it. She sounds absolutely nuts but it just all makes sense when you dedicate enough effort to understanding what she’s saying, and all you have to do is look back on her videos to see that her predictions have all come true. Granted in a less abstract way to how she was seeing it. She predicts stuff like hurricanes, floods, the fall of the Vatican, governmental control, etc.

In this video, it was the night of a New Moon, and she encouraged her viewers to utilise the energy by taking part in somewhat of a ‘ritual’.

The word ritual carries a connotation that makes you automatically want to write it off as mumbo jumbo. A ritual is simply a practice done to merge the conscious and subconscious mind which allows you to reconstruct your reality.

80% of our mind is subconscious, and in the subconscious lies all the reasons for why your life looks the way it does. Feelings of not being good enough, feelings of limitation, the list goes on. These subconscious feelings have a hold on why we act the way we do. These conscious actions determine our reality.

Do you see how it all fits together?

So while people may look crazy burning candles and chanting to the moon, people are just doing whatever it is that they need to do to affirm to themselves that their life is about to change.

If you can reprogram your subconscious to be more positive, a different world opens up to you. Almost everything is determined by perspective.

So anyway, back to how I changed my life.

I took part in this ritual whereby I set out to change my life.

Aluna told us to take 2 pieces of paper.

On one, write a brutally accurate description of your life- and date it. Label it with the letter A.

On this sheet of paper, I wrote about how I was unhappy with my income, unhappy with my work, I felt trapped and alone, and I wasn’t having enough fun. I also wrote about how I wasn’t happy with the way that I was treated. Something wasn’t right.

On the back of the piece of paper, I wrote out almost like a contract that I was signing.

I wrote ‘I sign this to release this reality in order to ground my new, desired reality. I affirm I will be in my new reality in 90 days’.

I signed it.

Then I took the second piece of paper.

I labelled it ‘B’.

On this sheet of paper, I wrote as though I was already in my desired reality.

I wrote about how I was so grateful to be earning a minimum of £1000-2000 a month from multiple streams of income. I wrote about how I felt so appreciated and loved, I wrote about feeling satisfied, energised, motivated. How I was so lucky to be surrounded by the best people, how much I loved everyone in my life. I wrote about how I was so lucky to laugh every day, how I was so glad to be healthy and alive, how I was financially free and abundant.

On the back of this sheet I wrote ‘I sign this to invoke this as my new reality. I release anything that blocks this from becoming my reality. I affirm that this will be in this reality in 90 days’.

I dated it 8/5/19 and I signed it.

I folded the pieces of paper up, and I kept them where I would see them every day.

In my desk drawer at work.

I took a flashcard and I summed up the points from my desired reality into one line affirmations.

‘I am financially free’, ‘I am loved’, ‘I am enough’, ‘I love my job’, ‘I am attracting a huge range of customers and business partners’, ‘I travel’, ‘I am grateful’.

I kept these on my desk where I could see them, so even if I wasn’t paying attention to them, my subconscious was constantly reminded of the things I wrote.

Now I was aware of what changes I was wanting; I was able to work on the side of things that I could comprehend, and I had control over.

My career.

I began reading books on changing your money mindset, I listened to podcasts from entrepreneurs, I built up my profile on LinkedIn and marketed myself towards clients who would hire me for freelance jobs. I blogged, networked, put myself out there for jobs that weren’t even hiring.

I ended up landing several interviews, firmed a job on the side working for Ostara training centre and therapies, firmed several freelance writing jobs, and got myself a load of tarot clients.

I also ended up booking myself on several courses to continue to increase my knowledge and income.

I’m now earning my desired income. And not only am I proud, but I am so grateful.

Whilst all of this was going on, I became increasingly aware of all that was holding me back, and it could be quite painful and scary at times.

I realised that my energy was spread too thin, my head was in the wrong place. I felt so much resistance to doing certain things and being around certain people. I had to learn to spend money, and I realised that I had to feel the fear and do it anyway, which was weirdly exhilarating.

Work became an escapism, so I guess I just followed my intuition and got my head down with the work having faith that as long as I focussed on that- all that was meant to be in my life would stay.

After all, if people have a place in my future- they will be there as I build and move in to it- no questions asked.

As I built my life up my self-image changed. I realised who I am and how powerful I am. Without seeking it, I got appreciation for that, and I guess all factors combined I retrained my subconscious.

Anybody who was treating me in a way that was disrespectful fell away from my life. I came to realise that I deserve better.

It was all a ripple effect. One thing led to another, which led to growth, which led to fulfilment. Across all areas of my life. Mental and physical health, social circles, you name it. It was remarkable.

For about a month I forgot I’d even done this ritual, but I stumbled across a note I made on my calendar to burn the pieces of paper.

90 days later, I am burning the pieces of paper and sending out my gratitude.

Everything I wanted to happen, happened. Not in the way that I was necessarily expecting but most likely in exactly the way that it was supposed to happen.

This ritual changed my life in 90 days. I am so happy. I’m insanely motivated to continue to build my life up.

I would encourage anybody who is curious and wanting to change their life to give this a go, if they feel a pull to it.

You can do anything. Trust me.

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