How To Release Blame

Resentment is easily developed for a person after you have felt a deep negative emotion which was triggered by something they said or did.
Forgiveness is one thing, but letting go of this deep seated heaviness is another.

Resentment comes because we place too much focus on what was said or done and not enough focus on what we did in order to enable this to happen.

This is not to say that we are to blame. This is not to say that we overreacted or that we should have been passive, this is the opposite. When we put blame on people it represses our anger and it takes away our power because there will always be that lingering resentment, and some scarring from the wound they caused you. Putting the focus on ourselves, how we allowed ourselves to be a victim, is taking our power back and becoming able to say “that’s enough now”. We can finally be at peace.

The way everyone releases this resentment and blame is different. Personally I spent 12 hours in meditation, focussing on my chakras and clearing a block in my throat and sacral chakra.

I released a pattern that had been with me since childhood, which enabled me to see how I allowed myself to be taken for granted, why I didn’t recognise that this was happening, and how to stop that from happening in the future.

Forgiveness does not mean enabling repeated behaviour at your expense.

As a result, I released blame. If that person had never have hurt me, I’d never have recognised this pattern and it would have followed me through the rest of my life.

Everybody makes choices. You cannot be mad at someone for making a decision on their own, and if you are it’s likely because you have somehow given your power of choice to them.

Take back your power and don’t allow your heart to be hardened. Seek for enlightenment and release the pain rather than internalising it because you feel overwhelmed.

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