How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

Making the best out of a bad situation is pretty much the only survival mechanism proven to work.

At some point, everybody’s life gets turned upside down, but to what degree are you going to let that affect you?

As I have said in the past, we live in this world and ultimately it does not owe us shit. The world will not change because we want it to, so we have to be the ones to change in order to see things in a better way. There is opportunity in everything, either to learn a lesson, build a new life, discover something to work towards, or to create something. Just because you do not immediately see the good, does not mean it is not there. Gratitude feels better than remorse, so you might as well strive towards it.

Being in a low vibration, being unhappy and cold serves no one any good. At the core of it all, the life we live is a reflection of our internal states. If we are happy, we see the positive in things and despite what happens to us, we remain optimistic. If we are pessimistic, we can never expect to be happy as we are always finding excuse to see the worst in things. It isn’t cool to be unhappy all the time, nor is it enjoyable.

When people do you wrong, to be hurt and seek revenge by changing yourself (putting up defence mechanisms and walls) may seem as though you’re being badass and cool, hurting other people because the world hurt you, but in reality you’re behaving like a fucking twat. There is nothing respectable about seeking revenge. Being cold won’t heal the hole in your heart. You end up becoming everything you hated in the first place.

To admit that you have done wrong, whether intentional or not, is a courageous and respectable thing. What is not courageous or respectable however, is admitting that you have done wrong and falling into a victim mentality of “oh I’m such a shit person I always do this they don’t deserve to I didn’t mean to blaaahh”. You have a right to feel disheartened and impacted by the negativity you feel, but not transmuting this into growth and instead continuing to live in the same cycle of lower vibrational behaviour wastes the entire lesson to be learned.

That is whinging- and that is doing nothing for anyone.

Handle your situation with dignity. To have been mature enough to admit your wrong doing is something to be proud of. Instead of dwelling and suffering on your wrong doing, making no productive moves out of it; instead think “how can I grow from this? How can I take action to make sure that this wrong doing did not go to waste and cause more pain than growth? How can I make sure this does not happen again?”

If one person is suffering, another suffering on behalf of the pain already caused is wasteful and turns the whole situation into a shit show. Productivity and dignity is what makes a person. Make things up to people. Grow from your mistakes.

There are people in this life who get knocked down again and again and again, there are people who undeservingly get hurt repeatedly; and yet some of these people always get back up and try harder. If you are tired, you may rest, but you never stop trying. To get knocked down and stay there after the first hurdle is disheartening and does no good. To fall victim and become another toxic drop poisoning the ocean is pointless. Follow a good example when you see one, or become the example if you have no one to lead by. Do not adopt the “woe is me” mindset that may be satisfying but ultimately sends you on a downwards spiral.

The universe does not owe you shit.

Everybody in this life is bound to make mistakes, no matter what size. It is how you react to your mistakes that is the making of you.

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