general election/ manifesting out of fear

I wanted to write about this topic. I was wondering how I would get across this message, and then I found myself frustrated because of the General election. Perfect example.

I’m not particularly political, I (like many) don’t ‘trust’ or ‘buy in’ to politics. I don’t like how people tend to side with a party and stay with them for decades out of habit. I know that sometimes voting just breeds hysteria as people look to the leaders to fix their troubles rather than taking ownership of their lives and their own decisions. All that said, I will be voting this year. This December 2019 election has a completely different vibe to it. It’s important.

It’s a pivotal time.

The last 9 years have genuinely ruined the lives of many.

It’s just like we’re all a bit fucked.

Especially if you’re young.

Even people who avoid being held prisoner by the government by not going to uni, or freelancing for a job, or living out of a van will have felt the impact of the tories.

The current government did what they had to do in terms of getting the country back to some kind of financial stability- but they have also caused so much needless hardship. The actions of the government has caused uproar and it has flung many people into re-evaluating their values.

Housing, the NHS, University, mental health, care for the elderly and vulnerable. Help for children in care. Lack of resources for those with special needs. Levels of austerity never had to reach that point. Levels of austerity didn’t have to be prolonged.

I don’t believe that Labour will deliver on all their promises. I believe they will look into it, regardless of whether or not they are able to follow through. But I don’t really care if we’re let down on the broadband promise as long as there’s some improvement in the NHS.

The government in charge have caused ‘tower moments’ for people on a personal level, which has caused them to see things in a different light.

It feels like we’re in a transitional period between a 10 year cycle of being humbled into a 10 year cycle of taking ownership.  

To me, voting in this election doesn’t feel like I’m buying into something or hanging my hopes on the prospect of change. I’m not about to toot the labour horn for the rest of my life, nor am I glorifying them and putting them on a pedestal. It’s all still politics.

I’m voting labour to make a statement of choosing hope and compassion over what feels like a very backwards and glum alternative.

I’m voting labour as a personal ‘ceremony’ as my friend would put it whereby I actively show my support for the cause, and choose a leader who has integrity, and stands up against petty attempts to demean him with his head held high.

In other words, I’m voting for the lesser of the two evils.

I don’t like the tabloids manipulation, I don’t like the idea of disguising and covering up problems as opposed to dealing with them- and I don’t like the thought of the future being in their hands. They don’t know what they’re doing, and I don’t like what they are doing. We aren’t stupid.

Many people feel the same. There are faults in all political parties as there is fault in politics in general. British politics especially- but in this election, ask yourself what you really value. From your heart, and not your pride.

Last week I deleted twitter because I couldn’t handle people’s fear at the prospect that an alternative party might get in.

It was people essentially preparing for the worst, being negative about the outcome- not even necessarily being realistic but anticipating the worst possible outcome as a coping mechanism.

I was almost swept up in that hysteria, and I had to come away from it to remember that I am powerful.

There is so much power in the simple act of realising that you’re powerful.

 So back to the bigger point that I’m trying to convey.

So many people allow their fear to subtly dictate their life, and the general election is a perfect example.

People who vote for a party out of stubbornness, or habit, or tradition, hysteria, or blind trust of tabloids are voting out of fear.

Fear of being wrong, fear of people judging them, general fear. They are creating out of fear.

The same way, people who put focus on this ‘we’re all doomed’ vibe are also creating out of fear.

Preparing for the worst is creating out of fear.

You are putting that energy out and obviously your surroundings are going to match that.

It’s like If you had an exam, and you were so scared of failure that every time you sat down to revise you panicked so much that nothing went in. Not only would you likely fail that exam, you would also likely worry those around you causing the same reaction in them and impacting them to fail the exam.

If you had an exam and you found a way to love the anticipation, you would be creating positivity. You would be driven; you might even enjoy it. You’d likely succeed, and you’d also be incredibly motivating to those around you. You’d create a sense of hope.

Your simple state of being holds an awful lot of power.

I know a person who was really into wicca, and they would look to me for advice on ‘spells’. They would always harp on about ‘protection spells’ and you have to ‘protect’ yourself from harm otherwise people can curse you and blah blah blah. I would roll my eyes.

So this person would do her energy work, or ‘spells’, and she would get into this energy of ‘banishing’ harm.

It wasn’t coming from a place of ‘I’m safe because I can handle my shit, determine who’s good and who’s bad for me, and no matter what I’m resilient’. It was coming from a place of ‘People are out to get me so I must do this spell and protect myself from all the harm and targeting that is bound to come my way’.

What happened?

They got into a terrible relationship that was co-dependent and draining, ended up with a whole load of baggage that wasn’t theirs, and found themselves stuck, desperate, and generally not protected.

I didn’t buy into the whole ‘I must do a spell’ thing, and I’ve been alright. Simply because I was sure of myself. It’s all about the energy surrounding your intent.

So many of you create out of fear.

I hate to see it because it’s self-destructive.

Please check yourself, for your own sake- and take a time out to realise that you can have whatever you want.

When you think of the government, really get into a state where you feel comforted. Britain is safe. Things are on the mend. There is a sense of hope and promise, there is less violence.

Don’t focus on there being a ‘labour’ government. Focus on how it feels to have a nurtured NHS, a satisfied work force, necessary care for the vulnerable. Focus on how rewarded you feel to be mentally assured enough to spread positivity.

Many people would call the simple act of manifesting ‘deluded’- but these are people who don’t understand and therefore live in fear.

It’s not deluded, it’s creating. You are actively contributing to bringing that calming energy to the country.

That’s how we will truly unite.

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