everybody shut up ( ramble about katie hopkins and piers morgan)

We are giving away our power and it’s so, so, SO stupid. Please allow me to explain. 

Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan. 

Not very nice people, excellent teachers. 

There’s controversy over (yet another) viral tweet Katie Hopkins has flung out into the social media world where she’s taking the piss over that poor lady Megan Markle. 

Megan Markle was recently interviewed about something to do with royal life and the interviewer asked how she is. She was taken back by this saying ‘thank you, because nobody asks me how I am’. She proceeded to talk about how she’s finding life hard at the moment due to the tabloids and having to be a Royal and all this stuff that I actually wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Being a Royal sounds like actual hell to me, the salary means nothing if you’re gravely unhappy and controlled to within an inch of your life. 

Katie Hopkins took to twitter wearing a brown wig and standing in a Garden (A* for costume design) and re-created the video taking the piss, talking about ‘oh yeah, even though I’ve got all this money nobody asks me how I am. Not the nanny, or the gardener…’ blah blah blah. Just talking shite and generally not acknowledging the deeper meaning behind the hurt. 

Yep, dick move, made a twat out of herself, but got a viral tweet out of it. 

Let me tell you about why this is so dumb. 

First of all, Katie Hopkins is a rigid character from the old world which is currently dying out. 

Relatively soon, we won’t have a monarchy anymore- because I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this or not but it doesn’t actually work. Its toxic af and the money we get from tourism due to having the royals is pretty much used up on keeping the royals in a position of power. They literally aren’t worth keeping. I’m sure they probably served their purpose at some point down the line but I’m sorry to say Mr future King sir that it’s time for you to scoot now. There are people that are dying. 


Then there’s Will and Harry, a part of the groundbreaking Diana’s blood line. They’re not gonna carry the old ways forward. It’s literally part of their life purpose to breathe new life into this area of the world. 

And to top it off, our government is a joke. Due to the politics and Brexit lark we are HUGELY unpopular right now. Why would people wanna come and be a part of the outdated shit show? 

The planet is on track, even though it seems like it’s falling to pieces. 

We’re going from the age of Pisces (which required a top-down hierarchy of social groups whereby a leader would tell everybody else what they had to do in society) to the age of Aquarius. In the age of Aquarius the individuals dictate the tone and direction of the planet. Hence the rise in individualism, freelance careers, social media presence and people generally being able to form their own opinions on things. 

Katie Hopkins found her success in the age of Pisces and rose to power after shagging a bloke who wasn’t her husband in a field. Say what you want but that is a power move because she could have been ruined by that. It’s just somewhat of a shame that she didn’t use her voice to be kind. 

Anyways. Since then controversy has been her bestie because she has learned that any press is good press. Honestly a lot of the time she doesn’t even believe what she’s saying, she just says it for clout. She is a part of this outdated ‘top-down’ hierarchy and she’s self-serving, trying to tell people what’s what. 

Now Katie Hopkins is breeding hatred just by existing. 

This is a woman who has compromised her sense of fulfilment and the contentment that comes from being a good person for the security of money. 

She doesn’t care what people are saying about her, her name in your mouth is money. Call her ugly and evil all you want, she will continue to spew her shite because you are letting her win and you are affirming to her that being mean to people is a valuable tactic for her career. 

For as long as she has the purpose of teaching us members of the public the best way of dealing with conflict, she will be wealthy. 

I’ll say this about Katie Hopkins- she is a fucking excellent teacher. Not in a traditional way, but she is needed to teach people a lesson for now. 

When you give her attention, you give her the power that you want to take away because your argument carries the fear that people will believe her. 

The fact that Katie Hopkins is talking shit is true. If the truth is compelling, it doesn’t need argument. You just let it be and stand by it. 

Also, there are so many things you can say about her without calling her ugly. You can’t cancel out petty negativity by being petty and negative. 

You, reader, are an individual- and you are the one who holds the power when creating the future. 

You can either feed into this outdated control system and remain trapped in the age of Pisces, or you can recognise that giving this kind of bullshit attention is literally giving away your power. 

Ignore the hatred when it’s not head on attacking, and lead by example. 

Don’t acknowledge the video with the wig, acknowledge the misunderstanding going on between Megan’s pain and Katie’s publicity, and be the compassion that both parties lack. THAT is how you’re going to make change, not by waiting for somebody else to do it. 

I wanted to mention Piers Morgan as well, because ITV, you’ve done something here now. 

ITV is a hypocritical station and their reporter Piers Morgan has been taken off air (and is reportedly getting sacked) for spreading hatred and bullying minorities on a morning show for years. 

ITV is currently influencing a mental health movement where they take breaks between shows and encourage viewers to engage in conversation, aiming to create more of a connection among people. 

Obviously having Piers Morgan on air while this movement is going on was a bit of a juxtaposition, so members of the public took to twitter and expressed that this was in fact, bullshit. 

Piers Morgan is different because he is stupid. 

He doesn’t really know what he’s doing he just blabs his opinions thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips. 

He’s had it all come crashing down for him partly because of karma and the fact that ITV have become more progressive, partly to demonstrate where lack of humility and compassion gets you in this new world. 

The individuals were the one who got his career dismantled, not the people at the top. 

Learn from that and adapt your strategy.
That’s all I’m saying. 

If we want a more loving world, rise above hatred.

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