clairsentience and why you feel so hard

A Clairsentient is a type of person who is particularly sensitive to the emptions of those around them.

For example, if you walk into a room where there has just been a massive argument- it feels tense. It’s heavy in that room.

Alternatively, when you walk into a gym- the place is buzzing. Everyone’s on a mission to be a better version of themselves, and it’s an uplifting place.

That’s an example of how it feels to be clairsentient. It is incredibly common, and for the most part people are.

Being around people who are down a lot can bring you down too. Being around excessively drunk people might make you feel merry despite you being completely sober.

Some people have it so strongly that it’s considered a psychic ability, and people call it ‘clair-sentience’. For example, I feel really intense physical pressure in my chest or throat when somebody wants to speak to me- or when they have something they want to get off their chest. When somebody around me/ close to me* is depressed I have been known to physically keel over because my body feels the sadness in a way I can’t describe. When an ex-thing of mine would do drugs I would always know because I could feel a major anxiety in my heart.

*When I say ‘close to me’ I mean they can be across the globe, but they’re connected to me somehow.

So being clairsentient (to whatever extent) can be great as it means you feel so intensely. It can be a superpower. It can bring you complete euphoria.

That said, feeling so much can be quite a difficult thing. Sometimes you’re just crying on the kitchen floor for not much of a reason. Sometimes the fact that somebody else (who has nothing to do with you) is going through a hard time can devastate you to the point where it feels like you’re going through the same thing.

And people aren’t really taught how to deal with pain when its not yours. It seems a mad concept to say ‘hey- by the way I know you’re sad but like its not your sadness to feel’, but its necessary.

When you can feel that somebody else is in pain- it’s a signal for you (as a clairsentient) to step into action and figure out how you can best help the person in pain.

How do you get from a place of feeling bad to feeling empowered enough to help others?

I have my airy fairy methods, which I will share on my patreon once I have it set up.

They are probably the most effective things I do because they bring me clarity and they help me use my abilities in a really sharp way. They help me give others exactly what they need.

But the foundation of it all is learning to discern what you are feeling and what doesn’t make sense to you. Pay attention to what you feel and when.

I used to journal to keep track of it. That really helped.

I would question myself, and where things come from, and if it didn’t make sense and I couldn’t trace it back to anyone I’d know it wasn’t mine.

Things would get confusing if I went out drinking though because I wouldn’t be able to remember.

Another useful thing you could do if you’re looking to find out more about your empathic ways is get a tarot reading.

Tarot helps me discern things sometimes- but I don’t read for myself anymore when I need life advice as it’s useful to have an outsiders perspective when it’s too foggy to see outside of myself.

I do offer that service so if you’re looking for one feel free to look at my contact on this site and get in touch for a reading.

More than anything I hope this article has taken somebody out of a funk and educated them about why they feel so hard. It’s not a bad thing, it just takes some learning. I’ll be blogging more as I learn, and my Patreon will be up as soon as the time is right.

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