drugs/alcohol and psychic ability (revisited)

The Shaman and I will have some work coming out soon which I’m really excited to share.

We organised some topics to discuss and I ordered them in terms of how urgently I think people need them/ how complex the topics are.

All we have to do now is record.

There are so many things that we talk about that I don’t share either because it’s personal, a part of our friendship, or just because I think it’s too specific for me to be able to put in a piece of work yet.

Last time I went round and had a really in depth conversation with her, the topic of drugs was brought up. It was just after New Years and I was still feeling the effects of my night out, which is how we got on to it. To clarify, I only used alcohol- but it made me incredibly disorientated because of everything that took place that night.

When I wrote the last piece on drugs and psychic ability I was 18. The person who wrote that was only just discovering the world in different ways, and I do have some points- but they’re undeveloped.

When I was 18 going on 19 I quit my job ran away from home and spent 3 months squatting in flats and living out of my best friends nissan micra while pissing my life away, so I think that’s enough said.

Since then I have experimented with harder drugs (out of curiosity and admittedly feelings of grief), I have found my footing in spirituality/ how to use my perception more, and I’ve worked on my relationship with alcohol/ marijuana. Basically I’ve just lived more and I’ve grown up.  

I feel like now is the time to revisit.

So I was speaking to the Shaman about alcohol and she shared with me that she can’t smoke weed because it’s way too intense.

The ‘spiritual community’ (or the purple kaftan society, as we like to call it) are often times, full of shit.

Referring to myself as spiritual is something that does make me cringe because I feel like the use of that word is so broad.

I think I must have mentioned this before.

Side note; I have https://beccajade.com/its-not-fair/

Anyway, we call the spiritual community the ‘purple kaftan society’ because a lot of ‘spiritual’ people are on their path, but with all due respect they don’t quite get it yet. People like to dress it up in purple kaftans and say ‘you can only be a part of this club if you’ve read the secret and got a certificate in reiki’ or ‘you’re not spiritual unless you have done x y and z’ or ‘you’ve got to do this that and the other to fit this mould and be considered spiritual’.

And actually thanks very much but I don’t want to be a part of your ‘club’ cos spirituality isn’t about being sat there with a face like a smacked arse talking about how enlightened you are and not being able to do so much as crack a joke.

I think I’ve actually ranted about that too at some point. (lol oops) https://beccajade.com/i-dont-owe-you-shit/

So Shamanka sharing that with me was interesting because I can understand where she’s coming from, but for me- the use of drugs is what leveraged me in and it was easy to become ‘dependent’ on it.

In other words, I probably wouldn’t have explored the concept of consciousness if I hadn’t have experienced the feeling of trippiness.

But Shamanka experienced ‘awakening’ in a different way- she always had it, she was noticed by a Shaman aged 19 and basically fell into work. Drugs came later.

Anyway, I mentioned to her that was interesting because what is ‘too intense’? Is it bad to use drugs to expand your consciousness? I was always told that it was a good thing, but then I have also suffered because of it.

About 5 months ago I was intuitively guided to stop smoking weed all together for some unknown reason (unless I’m just with my best pal having the odd spliff on a rare occasion and laughing at the inbetweeners). What she told me seemed to make sense.

She said that first of all, there is no good or bad and for her to tell me what to do would be detrimental because the whole point is learning what works in your best interest.

She did say, however, that using recreational substances to expand your consciousness can limit you- which was really interesting and I think deserves to be heard by more people.

Lots of people from the purple kaftan society will tell you ‘YoUrE NoT SpIrItuaL unTil You’VE DoNe MusHrooMS’, or will expect you to take part in about 3 ayahuasca ceremonies before looking at you.

The irony is that the whole point of having expanded consciousness is to be free. That means being free of addiction, or allies, or aids to help you get into a certain state.

Shamanka refers to people like us as a ‘three- bedroom house’. She has a funny way of talking so we are very aware that to someone else, we would sound nuts.

A three-bedroom house is someone who can operate between different levels of consciousness. These are the people who can lucid dream, feel their intuition, discuss the matter of past lives, and do it all while being immersed in ‘the real world’.

A ‘two bedroom house’ would be someone who can dream and someone who can remember their dreams, but go no further than that.

A ‘one bedroom house’ would be someone who just mindlessly operates and goes about their life. There’s nothing wrong with that, they seem quite happy.

She says that someone who is a three bedroom house can limit themselves to only being able to use what they have when under the influence, which keeps them trapped in a cycle. It means they will never be able to venture beyond what they’re able to do while stoned.

So my next question obviously was ‘like what’? What was I missing out on? What does weed stop me from doing?

First of all, it limits me to having to smoke weed when I want to do a certain psychic thing. It makes me question my sanity, too. Apparently it can also stop you being able to dream with other people, teach and activate people while asleep, keep your energy with big causes, influence others, have things work in your favour by intuitively knowing how to act in every moment, literally do what you want when you want.

The appealing thing to Shamanka though, is that when she dies she wants to transition peacefully. Be able to go back up to where she came from and be conscious in the transition so that she wouldn’t reincarnate with karma having to re-learn everything like she did when she came to this life.

That really made sense to me.

A lot of people aren’t going to have a clue what I’m on about but it takes a lot of discovery to understand, so thats alright.

Since not smoking weed for those purposes I’ve been way more stable in my abilities, and the Shaman has been able to teach me so much. I do feel much more powerful within myself and I seem to have much clearer guidance.

If I were to smoke in my own company, the effects would be really strong. My clairsentience/ audience/ etc would be on fire.

That’s not to say I’ll never do it again, but it’s not something I would do lightly.

She also said that once you can operate like that without the weed, there’s nothing to say you can’t go back and dabble with it- but just don’t be a prisoner to it.

People (myself included) tend to justify their addictions a lot simply because recreational drug use is a bit of a trap and you can be conflicted about leaving it behind- but I thought I’d share this for anyone being pulled up by the purple kaftan society about it.

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