Drugs/Alcohol and Psychic Abilities

I never really noticed how influential alcohol and weed is on psychic abilities until recently. 

Back when I was less woke alcohol just used to make me hella depressed because I was drinking because I felt like I had to. I’d go out and ruin my life and then I’d hate being sober because I had to deal with the fact that I had ruined my life. #deep. 

I started smoking weed a lot more a year or so ago and preferred it, so I stopped drinking alcohol for about 4 whole months, maybe more. It calmed me down and coincidentally it was also the same time I began waking up to spiritualism more, meditating more, and focusing on my psychic abilities more. 

A lot of people allow weed to ruin them because they just switch their method of destructive behaviour. A lot of people claim that weed “helps” and “saved” them, which is 100% credible and true unless you’re addicted. If you use weed as a crutch you’ll become addicted, if you use weed every now and then to help you chill out in a healthier way- for some kind of purpose rather than a distraction- then sure, it can help you. Weed isn’t designed to “cure” mental health, weed is used to get you stoned. It’s designed to chill you out. You may become addicted, but you will become bored and broke. It’s in your best interest to manage it well from the start. 

My friends and I used to smoke everyday and I realised that I was getting BORED. We were broke, bored and sad. Just getting up, going for a smoke, sleeping, repeating. It wasn’t fun like it was before when we would all have stuff to laugh about because that was just life now, there was nothing to laugh about because we weren’t doing anything. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of just bumming around waiting for the next joint and not doing anything. 

I unintentionally spent a few months just completely sober because I was bored and trying to focus on my actual life, family and work and stuff. Trying to actually enjoy normal days. As I became more sociable again I started going to the pub and stuff more and I noticed that alcohol had an ENTIRELY different effect on my abilities. 

I was happy drunk having a grand time and loving life but holy SHIT I was hearing actual voices as though they were in my ear. I was going to sleep once and I was hearing something like there was a person next to me, so I looked around because I wanted to tell my sister to shut up but my sister wasn’t there. It was literally just clairaudience being that strong. 

Being drunk heightens psychic ability BUT it weakens your ability to control it. I didn’t know what to do with the voices in my head because I was too drunk and “fuck it I’ll remember later I want to dance!!” to actually pay attention or do anything about it. When I’m drunk I can’t meditate either because the room is too busy spinning. 

I was walking to a different pub with my friend who was asking about all this psychic stuff and he jestfully asked me to tell him something about himself if I’m so psychic. I literally didn’t even think about what my next sentence was gonna be (because that’s how I operate under the influence) and I just turned to him on auto pilot and went “your favourite colour is purple, your favourite number is 3 because you think it’s lucky, and your mum is very interested in art”. He walked away from me because he was freaked out and all of those things were true. So to recap, alcohol will make you incredibly intuitive but you may become freaked out and you also may freak out those around you. 

Weed, on the other hand, is so healing. For me personally I would literally just chill out and go hermit mode just paying attention to all the thoughts in my head. I did not care about anything going on around me because I was busy monitoring my every thought. If a bad emotion came up I would somehow be given the answer to how to navigate it and get rid of it. It’s like it helps you clear all the shit from your brain and it helps you to ground yourself in the present moment. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you’re not supposed to be in that state forever, it only feels nice because it’s clearing your space and getting you back to that state of relaxation so you can recharge for the next time you’re sober. Weed will prepare you for round 2, you’re not supposed to get hooked on that feeling of not caring. 

I don’t do any other drugs because in my opinion, with my personality, there’s too much risk involved with regards to getting addicted. I wouldn’t mess with anything that isn’t natural (with the exception of alcohol). That being said I’d be so interested in knowing what it does to your psychic ability. I read in a philosophy class once a first hand account about the effect LSD had on people, how they thought it was a heightened sense of reality and they could see things more vividly with more senses than they could normally perceive. 

Theres so much more to this world than what our 5 limited senses allow us to recognise, its so fascinating to me to think about all the things we could be missing.

I’d be interested to read more stuff like that. 

Not to sound like your mum but just be careful when it comes to using these things. Rock n roll isn’t as fun as it looks on TV. 

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