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So in case you hadn’t noticed, things are intense right now. Some of you may not have noticed because you’ve been on your path minding your business, and that’s cool. Even if you’re not watching it happen, it’s happening. 

Here come one of my extravagant, mystic meg hippy posts that a lot of people are gonna go “aaahhhhhh what shite is she spouting now” until something resonates and makes you question your entire life. 

So. If you’re not feeling the effects of what’s going down right now, it’s because you’re being protected as a result of all the hard work you’ve done (emotionally, physically and spiritually) to be where you are right now. It’s a sign that you are exactly where you need to be in the here and now and you’re doing a good job. 

For those of you that are feeling the effects, first of all, sorry you’re going through that; and secondly, I told you so. 

There are a lot of astrological transits and general energy shifts which is heightening the frequency of the planet and causing big change to happen. On a large scale you may be noticing that truths are coming to light everywhere you turn, particularly to do with sex and money. All the big names coming out with accusations of sexual assault are just gonna keep getting bigger. This is unfortunately the beginning of a big downfall, but it’s all for the greater good. Nothing can be swept under the rug anymore. 

This is to do with Venus retrograde. It speaks to the rise of the feminine against the patriarchy (the beginning of the end of patriarchy- as I’m being shown) in pursuit of a more balanced and harmonic future. 

Saying that is gonna trigger a lot of masculines into believing that I am attacking you. I am not. I am attacking the toxic masculine construct that has dictated this society for years. What I’m actually doing, is addressing you as separate from the construct. You’ve been effected by this too, I know that. I’m addressing those of you who see the wrong in it, and explaining to you what is going on to try and help you understand enough to walk with it, alongside us, rather than being on the defence. I promise you now, no matter what has gone on in the past- those of you who rise up enough to see fault in the way the world has been run and speak out on it in a brave and courageous, different way will be appreciated and rewarded for it more than ever. If it feels right to you to open up, talk about things, or empathise- do not let fear hold you back because now is your time and there’s a reason you feel the need to do something. The days of being called a snowflake for acting like a human being are numbered and that’s an unbiased, channelled message. Just watch.

Things you want which aren’t in the best interest of everyone on this planet, sneaky behaviour and general selfishness is really gonna be working against people right now. We can’t be getting away with the same shit that used to just slide. 

We’re coming to the end of a karmic cycle in which there has been like a battle of the masculine and the feminine- both external and internal. This push/pull fight has gone on for centuries and these shifts are really starting to balance things out because we’re gonna have to work in harmony in order to get on with the next cycle. I feel as though this is more to do with children in some sense, masculine and feminine energies need to work together in order to be able to listen to what the next wave are bringing to our attention. Before we can enter this new wave, there needs to be a purging of hidden truths in collective society and in personal lives. Industries need to be altered. 

It’s also interfering with technology. BBC news was disrupted by a technology glitch, that’s a really obvious thing to comment on. On a more personal level, phones are getting broken, lost, stolen. Accounts are being shut down, hacked. Computers are having upgrades in software or breaking down entirely, cars are very much doing the same thing. If you’re someone being effected by this it’s because you’re being forced into a state of disconnect and reflection. It’s a karmic thing that you’re being inconveniently forced into because you have not been on the right track and you need to check yourself and learn a lesson from going within before you can progress. It’s likely because you were clutching to other people, throwing grabby hands at a digital distance without forming any real connection- because you’re running from yourself. It’s easier to explain in a work environment because it’s less personal; it’s likely because things need to be done in a more efficient way, and the company is forcing you in to this productivity. Likewise, in personal life things need to be done in a more efficient way. So walk with the energies or be dragged with them. 

The weather is very much effected too, extreme weather is happening all over the world as if there’s like a battle of the seasons happening. The sky is appearing all kinds of really striking colours and the body is reacting in a very strange way to everything right now. 

People’s health are getting shot to shit. It’s not just a bug that’s going round, it’s what we call a download (or an upgrade) being “installed” into people. This serge of energy manifests in any which way depending on how you need it. For those who need to rest you’ll be shot down with the “bug” and forced to take care of yourself and have a couple of duvet days to review, regenerate, rest. You’ll know the difference between a bug and a download because you’ll recover in a very different way. Like you’ll just wake up fine rather than having the whole process of dragging yourself around until you’re functioning at a better pace. Those of you with back problems or more serious injuries/illnesses are being called to modify your health in a more permanent way. People are experiencing a very sudden and unusual change in appetite- becoming intolerant to things that weren’t a problem before (sugar is a big one) and also experiencing really bizarre cravings. People are holding weight and losing weight seemingly unprovoked too. Headaches, intolerance to light, dizziness and seeing weird blotches of colour in your peripheral vision are also big symptoms right now. 

People are quite solitary at the moment because these upgrades are forcing that to happen. As a result, relationships are being affected too as people are becoming increasingly aware of their needs. People are having to put themselves first and detach from everything else for the time being. 

For people who are aware of these energies, who walk a path similar to mine, who aren’t necessarily ill or inconvenienced by them- are feeling them in a more intuitive way. 

I have always “astral projected” during dream state. I get a lot of my knowledge and psychic premonitions through my dreams. So right now, I’ll be waking up feeling as though I never slept because I was so busy shifting energies and healing things and doing work that I had a really restless nights sleep. I’m also being taken back to times in my life that were really traumatic as though I was experiencing that being the person I am today. I believe this is to close out those timelines and just say goodbye to them once and for all. 

Synchronicities are also increasing. Every time I look at the clock, it’s a repetitive number like 10.10, 11.11, 13.13. I mean, every time. Also 12.34. I keep waking up at strange times too, yesterday I literally woke up unprovoked at 3.33 and was so shook I took a screenshot of it. I don’t know what I was trying to prove it was just like a go to reaction there. 

Whatever you respond to, spirit is putting in front of you. So if you’re more receptive to subtleties there’s less of a need to hit you with a bus if you catch my drift. 

Also, you’re creating space to bring in the new. A lot of you are gonna meet a bunch of people within the next month or two who are SIGNIFICANT. Like a soul tribe kind of deal. This can include guides, in a soulful/spiritual/mentor kind of way. People are looking in a new direction to ensure different results.

I’m also getting a lot of information about the significance of a persons natal chart in navigating their journey. I’ll write another piece about that because it will become more and more relevant and people will want to know more about it as they begin to link it up to a guide for how they wanna live their life. 

That’s the report for all that’s going on right now. Hopefully this awareness of it will help you to become more at one with it all. I will say that I only speak of things that I am seeing, resonating with, sure enough to speak out on. These are all things that I am seeing and made aware of, and urged to share with you all.

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