Commend your growth

How many times a day, or week, do you find yourself remembering something that you said or did in the past and kicking yourself for it?

How many times do you find yourself feeling like you should just give up/ stop speaking to someone/ isolate yourself because you feel remorseful of something you did in the past?

How many times do you deprive yourself of happiness?

It’s one thing to admit that you’ve done wrong and decide to change, and it’s another to continue to punish yourself with every memory of your past.

We will never be perfect people, we’re constantly a work in progress and that’s the whole point in life.

With every regret you feel, there is evidence of growth. Act on the growth and love the person you have become. You should be so proud.

Remorse is an emotion we feel when energies that don’t necessarily want the best for us try to get us back on that downwards spiral. Remorse attaches itself to you, feeds your feelings of doubt, takes away from your self-worth. Remorse wants you to sit in a dark room eating a bag of Doritos until you feel even more shit, cutting yourself off from anyone who might be a good influence on you, and stopping you from growing your life.

Don’t allow those energies to win.

You are on the up, and your only obligation is to stay on the up.

The key is to transform your negative thoughts into appreciation. For yourself- your loved ones who stuck with you- anything that helped you heal.

Now you feel the gratitude, how can you give back?

How can you show these people that you love them? How can you put out some good into the world? How can you turn this around?

Doesn’t matter what your financial or social status, there is always something you can do.

Look at you now. Look at the version of you that is able to see that what you did in the past is wrong.

You are not the same person.

Anyone who has been with you through the dirt and is able to look at you as you are will be far more overwhelmed and in awe of the transformation you have undergone.

If you want to prove to your shame that you are not the same entity, love yourself. That’s the most rebellious act.

Keep rising, friends.

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