clap for the NHS

8pm on Thursday night was a moving moment, I won’t lie. And I’m not gonna pretend like it wasn’t for the sake of angst. 

I heard clapping really loudly all around my house, there was music blasting, someone whipped out a trumpet and started tooting down it, people were cheering. Even my grandad (who is housebound anyway) came out and it lifted his spirits. I thought it was really sweet. It reminded me that people mean well despite their problematic thought processes. 

But then, being a relatively logical person- my practicality kicked in and a wave of anger came over me. 

Clapping for the NHS until our hands are sore still isn’t going to fund the NHS to the extent it needs to be funded while there’s not a worldwide pandemic. 

NHS workers are still used, abused and drained. Underpaid and taken advantage of using their good will and passion for helping people.

And then I remembered that the estate I live on is predominantly conservative.

These people were either in favour or ignorant about the gradual privatisation of the NHS.

These people didn’t seem to care.

And then I remembered all the horrific things people were saying around the time of the December 2019 election about “getting brexit done”. I remembered the elitist attitudes of people who were so sheltered they didn’t even recognise their privilege. I remember people being so disillusioned into thinking that there wasn’t enough money to fund the things we needed- such as a supported NHS. I remember the ignorance of people who thought age made them wiser and more entitled by default.

Boris Johnson (who has handled this all very well, I’ll admit) now has coronavirus.
The way this news is being recieved by people is very intersting to me.

If this were just an illness, I wouldn’t speak on the politics of it. 

But this has began to collapse the economy, and it has brought out the worst in people. 

Privileged and sheltered people who carry some shame about their privilege and upbringing are extremely reactive in this pandemic. 

Especially those who voted conservative. 

It’s in our nature to only really care about things that directly affect us and though it’s not ideal- it is what it is.

That said, there is a level of compassion that you gain as you grow older and you see how difficult the world can be to people.

Because it’s also human nature to be a sociable creature, and therefore care about others.

What gets me about politics and the conservative party is that people who mean well don’t seem to understand or be able to comprehend how elitist the party is in todays society.

And that’s where the problems start. Because it’s not just about what YOU think- it’s about how people are going to suffer.

Unless you are aware of the impact you and your naivity is going to make on people, how are you going to vote effectively?

So people who are now somewhat seeing a flaw in their vote are very reactive because it’s acting out on their own shame.

It’s easier to bury your head in the sand. It’s also a massive privilege.

Their ego doesn’t want them to be wrong about who they voted for so instead of admitting that their vote was flawed and not considerate of those who were vulnerable and being turned a blind eye to- they claim the title of the victim. 

“I don’t care who you voted for, but wishing illness on anyone (boris johnson) is wrong!!!” 

Okay but where were you when Sandra down the road was dying and fearing for her life because she couldn’t work and wasn’t getting the benefits and health care she needed? Due to the underfunding and subtle privatisation of the NHS?

Where were you when the last 18 year old was kicked out of the care system, had no choice but to live on the streets, and got no support from anyone because the system doesn’t care?

Who are the real victims here?

Every election we cry out “you will care when it’s you” and then it finally is you- you care- but you still only care about yourself. 

We are happy because it’s hope that you might just gain some perspective and some compassion. 

Not because we want you dead or suffering. 

Why are you determined to be so seperate and scared of people who are different?

The gap between the rich and poor is too fucking wide for the third richest country. 

Boris has handled this pandemic well- but he handled it well by doing all the things Corbyn wanted to do anyway. The country has spent more- but we aren’t at risk. 

I’m not saying that Corbyn should be Prime Minister, truthfully I don’t know nor do I care what ‘should’ happen in politics because that’s not my job nor is it my area of expertise.

But I have always resonated with Corbyn because he speaks perfect sense, has nothing but pure intentions, and gets shat on for it because people aren’t ready for it.

Corbyn was made out to be mad- but we as a nation weren’t ready for him. You just wanted to hate him because you were taught to. 

Politics has never been my thing- but this election just gone was really the most obvious choice between an outdated, ignorant narrative and a progressive, solution based option for this country. 

I said that covid-19 would be a cultural reset because it makes people think for themselves.
People are angry at others for stockpiling toilet paper- yet these same people were fine with the concept of billionaires when Corbyn said they shouldn’t exist. It’s the same principle.

I’m going to find it interesting to see how things change after this. 

People who mean well are always made out to be the bad guy because they make others feel bad about themselves and their own entitlement. 

You aren’t a victim to your own head and thought processes. Despite my irritability I care a lot about people and I wish people could see how fluid and open minded they could be, and I wish they could see how it would work in their favour.

If you want to continue creating your own problems as a society and then just wait for it to come crashing down- then so be it. There will be another disaster. But this is a lesson, whether you care to admit it or not.

Just get on with it.

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