I have a lot of children in my family and I learn so much from them all the time. I am so blessed to have these pure little beings in my life. They remind me that things aren’t all bad, and that there is always hope. 

There are days when I come home from work and I’m tired, I’m lonely, I’m in a bad head space, I’m believing every single bad thought I have. Then my little sister walks in the room, and she’ll just be pottering about dancing to in the night garden, or pointing at the fish and going “ooh!!”, or some days she’ll just come and give me a hug and I’ll just see that underneath it all, that’s what people are like. We all came from just wanting to be able to live to our full potential of happiness and love. 

Within us all, there is a child who just wishes that everything was pure and clean and authentic. They’re honest and fearless, they say exactly how they feel and know exactly what they want and go after it because that’s just life. What’s the worse that can happen? The only games they’re interested in are ones that bring them more happiness at no risk or cost. They don’t have to hurt people to get what they want, because you ask and if you don’t get it then there must be a reason. They might have a paddy, but after 5 minutes they’re over it. There’s no need to be sneaky, they’re just emotional. There is a child like spirit that always wants to understand, or see the best in everything, and see everything clear as day. There is always gonna be a part of you that wants to give all it can, love all it can, be all it is. 

When we grow up, or even just when that child goes through something painful, there’s a bitter realisation that some things are cloudy and foggy and dirty. Things aren’t always bright, shiny and colourful. Sometimes, the feeling that we aren’t enough, responsibility and rapid thoughts and fears of having to repress our full potential for our own safety makes things dirty. It waters life down. 

The child who sees things as clean and beautiful always has more fun. They aren’t naive, they’re brave. They know that they might fall over in the playground if they run too fast, but they run anyway because they’re having such a good time. And even if they do fall over, they know they might cry for a bit but they’ll get back up again and the graze will heal. They always have the best time with their friends and they’re always invited to parties, always laughing at something, always dancing or showing people kindness and love just because it’s their second nature. 

In this life, we will never be presented with a situation that happens for no reason. Terrible things happen, we get hurt and things get dirty. We lose sight of the child within us that gets excited by how pretty a flower looks or how kind a stranger was to them for no reason, because we cant see it anymore. We are too busy on the look out for what’s gonna hurt us to see what is being sent our way to lift our spirits. It’s easier said than done to summon the bravery to embrace that inner child again and keep them at the forefront of your being, but I suppose it really is in our best interest. 

The child knows with such strong and blind faith that everything happens for a reason. When we are older we have to take care of ourselves, there are more responsibilities, so sometimes we don’t have the time (or make the time) to remind ourselves that there is reason in it all somewhere. When we look back and see reason for everything that happened, there’s purpose. There’s no need to hide that child anymore, you were only protecting them. You need to let them out, and let them run, and let them do the world good with their light. 

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