channelled message- freedom

I’ve been taking a step back lately and not getting quite so involved with things- and it’s brought me a lot of clarity. 

I can sometimes have a tendency to forget myself- as we all do. I can sometimes lack in perspective and become so involved with how life looks at its surface that I forget I am a soul. 

I feel the need to chatter, and put the world to rights, and just like that I’m sucked in to how gloomy the world looks on an emotional level. It’s addictive. And it all feels so real. It feels like we are so powerless. 

But that isn’t my natural state. I forget that at times, but I know it’s not. Something always comes along to remind me who I am. 

I, like you, am a soul. I am an energy flowing through a human body going on a series of adventures. Some painful, some intense, some happy and some light. As a soul- I can change my body to fit my personality, and I can shift. 

I can get a tattoo of a peacock feather to integrate the lesson that it is okay to be seen. I can dye my hair to signify that I am going through a different chapter of my life. I can wear rainbow makeup and dungarees to connect with my inner child and raise my vibration. 

I can listen to frequency music and song bowls to shift the way I feel. I can dance for 15 minutes, or I can lie in bed scrolling down the news telling me all the reasons why I should be depressed. 

My soul knows where I feel most connected. My soul knows how to take care of myself, provide for myself, sit comfortable in who I am. 

The human world is becoming designed to stray us away from that and have us addicted to anxiety and pain. 

During the year of 2020, have you at times found yourself wishing to go back to a simpler time? 

Where we lived in tribes, living from the earth, knowing that our purpose is to exist and experience life without strenuous goals set to prove ourselves. 

Or at least where we know that within our goals, there is an authentic purpose of shifting our vibration. Helping others to shift their vibration. 

Have you found yourself walking on eggshells, unable to speak, boxed in to repeating socially approved sound bites to prevent yourself from facing conflict?

Have you felt stalked? Attacked? Fearful?

Have you asked yourself where that has come from, or if it’s normal? 

Our soul knows that there is no right or wrong answer to anything. Our soul knows that being seen as correct is an egoic craving which comes from our “survival of the fittest” complex. Our soul knows what freedom and lack of fear is. 

At this time, I don’t care what you think or believe because my soul doesn’t. 

But my soul cares that you know you are free. My soul cares to help you hear the truth, and remind you that the main purpose of being on this earth is to learn to remain in a favourable vibration. 

My soul wants to remind you that policing somebody else’s freedom will not make you feel any lighter- and that regardless of what “authority” figures have conditioned into you- there is no right or wrong. 

We will never know. 

There is no way our single perception can know. 

So all we can do is focus on what feels good, and trust that it will get us to where we need to be. 

Your restrictions that you place on other people come from your own fear. You will not gain anything from trying to place that from others. Your soul knows that. Free yourself.

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