Censorship. The truth about whats going on.

I’m making a video where I go over everything I write in this article but I wanted to publish this information in a couple of different ways.

Over the last 3 years I have been building up a large track record of accurate predictions both on my blog and on my instagram page @tarotandthemoon.

In doing that I have built up a voice, an audience, and a level of trust between myself and my clients. 

I’ve built that voice for a reason- and I think now is the time I use it to piece everything together. 

People are asking for my take on the matter because this is a confusing and overwhelming time with one new groundbreaking piece of news coming out after the other.

Before I get into this properly I want to remind you that changing your opinion and perspective on things is a natural part of growing as a person. There is no point in stubbornly hanging on to one way of thinking for the sake of pride or familiarity, because the way the world is at now- truth will always prevail. 

With all things accounted for, this how I see everything connecting. 

So allow me to take you back to March 2020, UK and America go into lockdown following an outbreak of coronavirus. 

I know that other countries were locked down before us but I will speak on the UK and America as I know most about these countries. 

We know that the government do not care about us. 

They were reluctant to put us into lockdown, they didn’t fund the NHS, they allow mass poverty in a country which has 54 billionaires in it, and MP’s say stuff like this. 

Tory MPs do not care about poor people or the NHS explains Dominic Cummings:

"The public is basically correct – Tory MPs largely do not care about poor people."They don't care about the NHS – and the public has cottoned on" explains Boris Johnson's senior adviser Dominic Cummings, in a clip he'd rather you didn't share:

Posted by The London Economic on Sunday, November 3, 2019

But we were put on lockdown anyway. To keep up appearances, perhaps? 

As more information gets exposed it seems to make more sense why we were put on lockdown in the first place. 

Information about the government officials, the royal family, and the horrors of Hollywood is going to be leaked, and this will change the dynamic of the world as we know it. 

At the beginning of March this would have been impossible to believe, but we can see the foundations being laid down now. 

Information already started to come out earlier this year as we started seeing  shifts. 

Harry and Meghan left the royal family, allegations of Pedophilia in the royal family (against Prince Andrew) were broadcast in the news, and people were beginning to get a little too angry for comfort. 

Meanwhile in America, there are government insiders who are trying to expose the government officials for the things that go unseen to us.

Child trafficking (research pizzagate), Haiti, drug trafficking, the list goes on.  

So some kind of distraction had to be made to keep people noticing. 

Thus, we were put on lockdown. 

At this point you’re probably going ‘well what about coronavirus? That’s convenient timing’.

Coronavirus is a real disease, it exists. People have died from it, it hits people in different ways. 

There is a lot of speculation as to whether it was manufactured, and where it was manufactured. Again, I encourage you to do your research. 

With everything to come out about the government it would not surprise me if somewhere in the world, the government created a virus either for population control or just to play a part in their game.

The government was also INCREDIBLY clever in censoring people when they announced the lockdown. 

Because people were dying, businesses were crashing, people were feeling disconnected, frantic and depressed- anyone who thought ‘outside the box’ and critiqued the government’s plans were most likely to be attacked for being ‘insensitive’.

This is of course because people were actually dying and having their lives fall apart. 

People were in survival mode, not physically able to think outside the box. 

And because of that, the free thinkers who caught on to the fact that nothing adds up were made to shut up. 

For the first month or so, people were most preoccupied by seeing which of their neighbours had been on more than one walk a day. Or which neighbours weren’t out clapping for their NHS. 

People weren’t focussed on what was going on behind the scenes. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a guy called David Wilcock, who’s presence is known on YouTube. He has been speaking in great detail about what’s happening RIGHT NOW for many years. 

He’s predicted things down to a T- even acute details like the phone and internet systems going down for a short time while in lockdown. 

Lo and behold, that actually happened. 

Again, do your research. Virgin Media was one of the companies in the UK that went down. 

So bottom line is, lockdown creates elevated fear and mass distraction for people. 

It also means that people HAVE to check the news regularly.

With the lack of communication as coronavirus hit the UK, people were forced to compulsively check the news for updates. People had to check it to see if they had to go to work, what they can/ can’t do, and it became an obsession. People almost became dependent on the news. 

A couple of months later we are noticing now (more than ever) that the media is censored in a huge way. 

For example, now with the peaceful protests going on across the entire USA and UK, the news is predominantly focussed on the looting.

It makes you question why they’re doing that. They’re obviously trying to steer you in a particular direction. 

So in the minds of those planning the lockdown, they’re separating people from each other to prevent so much communication and news spread- and they’re censoring what people can see while they’re stuck at home. 

This buys them time to figure out how to silence the people they need to silence. 

Just like they did with Julian Assange, who I will discuss in more detail later. 

However, this plan has backfired as time has gone on. 

Not only are people getting bored and creative in lockdown, there was also an unanticipated event which was broadcast over social media.

People are always tapped in to social media now, because we aren’t going to work. 

George Floyd was a black man who was murdered by a white police officer in late May 2020. 

It was racism. It was an act of police brutality, it was white supremacism. 

This has happened time and time again in America for as long as the country has existed.

Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, the list goes on. 

And these are just the incidences where the camera is turned on and the post goes viral. 

Acts of police brutality go on every single day that are not recorded, and those victims do not get seen. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has been groundbreaking in exposing how corrupt, outdated, and evil the government is. 

When people saw this, they knew something had to be done. 

In lockdown, when people have a cause, they become innovative. 

They have power, they have energy, and they can come together. 

So peaceful protests began in America, which turned into riots after police responded with violence. 

And now we see how it has escalated. 

Revolution is happening because people are distrusting the government and speaking out in a way that they have never done before. Lockdown has encouraged people to drown out racist narratives in society as they should have been drowned out this whole time. 

People are drowning out racist narratives through education. 

Educating people on the uncensored history of the UK and America.

Because the UK isn’t innocent either. We just don’t have guns. 

The UK is so institutionally racist that it has become normalised and ‘taboo’ in this country. 

Belly Mujnga was a ticket officer in London Victoria who was spat at by a white person who claimed to have coronavirus. She then died of coronavirus and there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to serve her any justice, despite the fact that London has one of the most advanced and developed CCTV systems in the country. 

Additionally, the Grenfell victims still have not been rehoused or received any justice despite grenfell happening in 2017. The UK had 157 billionaires living in it at the time under a Tory Government.

And since then, the government have managed to whip out a magic money tree to bail thousands of people out of an economic crash due to coronavirus. 

For now.  

Lockdown is no longer working. People are becoming too educated, falling down too many holes, seeing more ways that the government is corrupt. Noticing how none of the coronavirus guidelines have ever added up. 

So the UK’s response?

Get back to work.

1- For the economy

2- We want you to stop educating yourselves in pursuit of your mindless jobs

3- Maybe fear will shut you up. 

Another distraction came up yesterday. The Madeline McCann has all of a sudden had a conveniently timed breakthrough, with a new suspect being found. 

Notice how this Maddie news is being thrown out as a massive distraction from the riots and protests and leaked government documents?

Madeline McCann was one (1) little white girl who tragically ‘disappeared’ in 2007. Her parents were very high up in the government and therefore they called on their government friends to help cover up whatever happened to her, and therefore Madeline McCann became weaponry for the government. They broadcast the ‘disappearance’ publically to make out that they were devoted to finding this little girl and they were on the side of catching whichever evil people took her.

It was a trade deal. Maddie is gone and she has been for a long time.

Now, every time the government feels a little under heat, new information comes up about Maddie McCann because the government is going “LOOK OVER THERE!” and trying to distract you.

But why are they doing this?

Maddie McCann touched the hearts of many round the UK because one of the biggest fears among anyone is to have their child taken. Over the years of broadcasting we have developed a familiarisation and a personal attachment to this case.

Every time the government broadcasts that they are still looking for Maddie, they create the illusion that they are good guys who persist for justice.

But us smart people know that millions of other children go missing every year, dont we?

And we also know that child trafficking is a huge issue worldwide.

It has even come out that child trafficking is a HUGE problem among those in charge, what with the evidence which has come out about the royal family and government officials in America. Not to mention in Hollywood.

So why aren’t those children recieving any attention?

Why don’t we get educated on the issue of child trafficking by mainstream media?

And more importantly, where do these children who have been trafficked go?

Those are the questions you are wanting to focus on.

And anyone with social media or internet access can see (now more than ever) that the news is censored. Censored for the benefit of a very small demographic.

Trust me when I say that they know exactly what happened to Madeline. Don’t be distracted.

Around about the same time, Anonymous (or people who claimed to be anonymous) hacked the government and exposed some official documents.

So the truth is beginning to come out despite all the measures in place to stop this going forward.

The war is being lost. 

‘Anonymous’ came out talking about the black lives matter movement, institutionalised racism, and they talked about the education system controls children and stops them thinking freely.

They also came out with court documents showing that Epstein and Trump were found guilty of raping a 13 year old girl; and they came out with documents which confirmed that Prncess Diana WAS in fact killed by the Royal family because she had information about pedophilia in the royal family. 

Now I am here to try and get you to understand how this is connected. 

Maddie McCann is 1 child who went missing. 

We have now seen proof that child trafficking and pedophilia is a prominent issue amongst the ‘elites’ in both the UK and the US. 

But the media never focus on the thousands of other children who go missing a year.

Censorship. Who is tipping the news off?

Black Lives Matter has exposed the corrupt media, and this is the tip of the ice berg. 

In amongst all the chaos, we missed any coverage of Hilary Clinton’s court case which took place on 2nd June 2020.

This was otherwise known as Black Out Tuesday.

In 2016 just before the last presidential election, Julian Assange (the founder of WikiLeaks) hacked the government and published private emails between Hilary Clinton and Obama. 

They also published emails which proved Hilary was involved in child/ human trafficking rings, drug trafficking, (look up pizzagate) Haiti, and more. 

When this info was leaked, Trump won the election. 

It is interesting to me despite everything that he hasn’t started a single war when Obama started 7. 

Since publishing these documents Assange has been prisoned and drugged in order to stay silent. 

Who are the good guys? We can’t see them at all, we just see that everything is gradually coming to surface. 

There is definitely more information to come out about the horrors of Hollywood, The Royal Family, and the government officials in America. 

It has all played out so far. 

Keep leading the revolution, spread education, and do not disrespect yourself enough to ever buy into mainstream media again.

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