Australia on fire, ww3, what can we do?

3 days into 2020 and the decade did not come to play!

Myself and some of the people I work with (in my more spiritual line of work) have somewhat been anticipating this- but as you can imagine a lot of people are very shook by the changes going on at the moment.

Australia is on fire, there is talk of world war three, unfortunately there is more to come.

There are two main purposes being served by this;

  1. Awakening people and making them see the world in a different way
  2. Transforming the world itself as we see it.

In the 2010s there were little breadcrumbs being dropped to create change. The rise in popularity of vegans and vegetarian diets, the activists such as Greta Thunberg and the research of Boyan Slatt. Feminism and ideology surrounding equality transformed, the LGBTQ+ community grew so much. The Black Lives Matter movement picked up speed. There was Brexit and the ‘Remain’ campaign. The MeToo movement.

It was a remarkable decade but shy in comparison to what the ‘roaring’ 20s will bring.

In the 2010s, it was all very new to large groups of people. Leaving the decade there are still groups of cynical people who have an ‘arms crossed’ kind of attitude when it comes to creating change in this world. The type of “what are you gonna do about it” “lol do you think you’re gonna change the world” individuals. Or worse, the “I have been lucky to live a life where this problem has not been exposed to me, therefore it does not exist” type of individuals.

I’m writing this now because it’s not about them. I’m writing this because I see them cynical people, and I see them outweighed by people who want to make change but are too afraid to because judgement intimidates them.

In the words of Angela Davis “you have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world, and you have to do it all the time”.

So what does this mean?

There are two groups of people who were put on this Earth to create a shift.

The first, my friend refers to as ‘the warriors’. These are the people with a fire in their belly who may only just be learning to use it. These are the people who protest, and riot, and rebel. Making noise, refusing to be ignored. Being angry. They’re necessary and they play their role in society, they’re doing a good job.

The other group are the people who listen and are able to maintain a level of calmness to know how to respond to something. Responding without reacting.

For example, waking up to the news that a world war 3 may be coming sent people (westerners of all people) into fits of hysteria.

‘Warriors’ would have been triggered by the news. Wanting to fight, wanting to stop it, having a knee jerk reaction. Immediately operating out of fear.

The other group will be watching what’s happening and will wait to act, asking themselves “what is the most effective role I can play in creating change here?”.

Many people are warriors when they first become conscious, but with time and evolution they mellow out.

When faced with disasters like this, collectively, the lesson to be learned is what to focus on. How can we use our energy in the best way to cultivate transformation?

What good would it do to keep your arms crossed and tell yourself that you are useless and so is everyone else?

Where does the real problem lie? Where do these forces of ‘negativity’ get their power from?

When I heard of Australia, I meditated on it. And immediately I envisioned the fires, but I soon realised that was only going to create more fire.

As individuals we are co-creators in manifesting what happens in the world.

So I envisioned rain instead. I felt the rain.

The same way, when I think of Trump I don’t think ‘what a dickhead get him out’ because it is a waste of my time and energy. Instead, now I think ‘Donald Trump is not a fit leader. But if the system was good, if people weren’t manipulated and deceived- he would not have power. So the problem is the system. The problem is privilege and money’.

Then I focus on what would fix it.

Concentrating on how useless Trump is would get him out but it would only replace him with a model equally as useless.

Like what Britain did when Teresa May was replaced with Boris Johnson.

When I thought about what I could do about these big, overwhelming problems when I am just a very small fish in a very big bowl, I thought ‘do what you can’. And what I can do is write, influence, and teach people how their energy is best used.

In first world countries, we are lucky.

If world war three happens it won’t touch us.

Do not focus on how f*cked we all are because it’s not about us.

If the bombing was to happen in Iran and innocent children, mothers, fathers, people trying to live their lives will bare the brunt of a corrupt system.

They are the ones who need help.

What can you do to help that doesn’t involve creating hysteria?

The fires in Australia are being caused by climate change. What can you do to help climate change?

The Australian Prime Minister isn’t helping matters because he is too focussed on the economy. The problem is sheltered people getting into power.
Focus on that.

What can you do?

In the next decade big groups of people will be greatly rewarded both emotionally and materially by stepping into their purpose and what is known as ‘mission work’, so welcome to the 20s, and lets make some change.

I did just want to add to the bottom of this article that even people who create memes and try to keep the energy light are serving their purpose. If there wasn’t some humour in the darkest days the light would be impossible to find.

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