Astrology is often misunderstood as oversimplified mumbo jumbo that does not make any logical sense and uses psychologically trippy and vague writing techniques to allude people into buying into it. If you’re speaking of ‘astrology’ in the sense of horoscopes written in news articles or magazines; you would be correct.

Astrology is given a bad rep for how oversimplified it is often put across.

Astrology takes many different forms; natal, western, vedic, horoscopic, psychological, etc. All stand for different things. There is far more to it than being reduced to a single sign that is based off of your date of birth.

Astrology is the backbone to the way things flow as they do, they control the cycles of the universe and influence divine timing and lessons. When we speak of divine timing, having patience and things coming into our lives just as they are meant to, we are speaking of astrology.

For someone like myself who is impatient and not good at letting things be, astrology helps you understand and relax to the ways of the universe. It helps you have faith and learn how to best utilize your time, where your efforts are best placed at what time, it gives you insight into why you feel the way you do and more importantly what to do with these feelings. Astrology is like a big clock, the time keeper of all that happens. It not only explains why people are the way that they are, it gives insight into what they are to expect from life and what challenges they may face. It is guidance.

As a believer in the big bang; this is my explanation.

The big bang occurred, which according to cosmology was where the universe expanded from a very high-density, high-temperature state, then cooled down to form subatomic particles.

Stars are a part of this universe, and made use of these subatomic particles.

During the destruction and explosion of a star (known as a supernova), the intense heat and pressure creates simple atoms. Sometimes the shock waves react with these elements to create new stars, but the rest of these atoms go on to create everything else.

Every atom and element that exists was originally made from a star. The animals on the planet, the earth, the air, the things we cannot see or sense, WE OURSELVES are made from atoms which once belonged to a star. To put it in terms a child would understand, we are quite literally made of stardust.

It would make sense that where we came from in the universe would still have influence over the on-goings of this planet, or over us. Not complete control, just simple influence. This would explain otherwise unexplained synchronizations that come from natal birth charts, or people’s communications being disturbed during a mercury retrograde.

To further argue how astrology has relevance, I will speak in terms of the moon. It is known that the moon rules the tide. the moon has influence over water. As well as being made of star dust, we are made of 80% water- so wouldn’t it make sense that moon cycles do in fact influence our lives?

If you are intrigued by astrology, there is so much to learn. If you are called to learn about it, it is truly captivating. It not only gives guidance, but helps you get outside of your own head and boggle at the size of the universe a bit more. It is a reality check and helps you see what really matters and what isn’t worth your time.


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