arguing, panic buying, fear of the apocalypse. chill out please.

The end is not near, the end as we know it is near.

The world will change, not die.

Having the perspective that I do I’m no stranger to an attack from individuals who have never been made to think outside the box.

Yesterday I had to come off social media for a bit because there were just arguments everywhere.

People were arguing on community groups about panic buying.

Arguments about people allowing their kids out to walk the dog in a remote field.

Somebody had a go at me for choosing to see the possibility of societal change from this epidemic.

Just pointless arguments where people have a fear within them and project their crap onto others because they feel unsafe and out of control.

What is going on inside you- the fear and the uncertainty- that has nothing to do with anybody else.

You cannot control anybody or anything else.

What you can control is your peace.

Your attacks and negativity will not change anybody they will push them away. You can influence and lead by example, not attack and shame.

What it boils down to is that people are scared, they do not feel in control- and they’re almost addicted to the panic.

The likelihood is that people will feed into the panic and spiral in negativity until they come to the realisation that they can’t live like that.

I wanted to write this because this pandemic is giving people perspective.

People are missing that.

Cancel culture is out in full force attacking people for having an alternate point of view and for what?

This is a worldwide pandemic meaning a large chunk of 7 billion people are all going to be somewhat reacting to this. If everyone were to react the same way- the world would come to a halt. That is when it would be really worrying.

There need to be some people who remain somewhat calm to ground the others.

There need to be people coming at it from a practical and scientific perspective- others coming at it from a spiritual perspective- people caring for those with mental health needs, physical illnesses, and circumstances which make them vulnerable.

You don’t need to understand it, your only job is to let it be.

People in social work, medical professions, retail are all high in demand right now and none of those will share the same perspective. But they are all needed.

If anything, this pandemic should be showing you that all these angles are NECESSARY, and we cannot all be the same with the same area of focus.

Things would not get done.

People have been able to live in the comfort of a box. These people naturally won’t understand the necessity of thinking outside the box in order to cope with situations like these. They will not have known survival mode. That’s not a bad thing, I’m glad you haven’t had to experience that.

However, those who don’t understand this are busy squawking at those who don’t share their point of view- calling them ‘insensitive’, telling them they ‘arent taking it seriously’, ‘rude’, generally playing the blame game.

You could learn something from the people you are attacking. If only you knew how much power there was in perspective.

The ONLY way to cope is to learn to be at peace with the fact that we have no control over anything.

We can only control ourselves and take responsibility for our own safety.

We all have the right to freedom regardless of circumstance.

To allow freedom is to show somebody love.

Whether you think that is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ will not change this.

And I know that you will likely feel like a helpless child having a tantrum and wanting to cry and hide away, but this is a fact and it won’t change or go away.

Yes this is uncomfortable.

People who are calm in this pandemic will likely have already learned that in one way or another.

Meaning they will have at one point felt the exact same way you do.

They may have argued back with you because you were attacking them, but I’m sure they have the depth to feel compassion for you at the root of it all.

They may have come from an abusive home. They may have had to exist with nothing. If they are calm they will be no stranger to how you’re feeling.

In situations like that, regardless of how you feel- in order to survive you will have to learn to think outside of the box. Adapt a new perspective.

Outside the box thinkers generally operate that way because they had to learn to survive with nothing. With no luxury, with no help. Completely in the dark.

If you have had the privilege of living a comfortable life, this coronavirus is causing a new level of panic and discomfort for you.

You attacking those who have already felt that is not coming together with those who have potential to help you.

Share your resources.

And if I may be blunt, get your heads out of your arses.

At the core, we are all love.

We can’t coexist if we can’t understand each other.

The news is negative because media stations get attention from creating panic. It creates an emotional response which is addictive to people.

It is the news coverage, the lack of contingency plans from the government, and general naivety that has made this pandemic so widespread and drastic.

 You have two options.

The first is to dwell, panic, lock yourself up, focus solely on doom and gloom- the second is to do your best to understand and make the most of it.

The arguments I have seen these last few days attacking other peoples point of views has been so interesting.

People attack when they are in a place of fear.

Work around the fear.

Fear does not help you survive, because we have only got this far from being able to evolve.

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