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An astological / psychic report of the month
April Astrology

Last month was like one big mirror.

Everything that happened on a global scale somewhat forced us to go within and resolve any conflicts that we have within ourselves.

Whenever there is great tragedy, or shake up, or awareness that a certain group is being oppressed we are filled with rage, sadness, despair.

Once we come to terms with this emotion, we may find that we need to use this emotion to do something about it.

Communicate in the right way with the right people, spread love and kindness more, stand up to people who are spreading hate.

Last month a lot of divisions were caused, in pop culture and in a political sense.

There is purpose behind it. It’s to show us how we can make things better. Where we can go from here.

This month did not come to play.

2018 was the year of struggle and learning lessons, 2019 is the year of working, applying yourself and having it pay off. You’re learning what to do and when/how to do it, which is a much more enjoyable position to be in than having to sit with dissatisfaction, clearing blockages until you even get an idea as to what to do next.

When the Sun is in Aries (it is until the 20th), we are hugely influenced to be more impulsive than usual. We are encouraged to take more risks and do more than we think.

Aries kicks us off on the astrological new year giving us the energy to just go for it- all astrological transits this month give me the impression that the changes you have been wishing for are about to be manifesting through a lot of sudden epiphanies, action being taken to match.

A LOT of you may be leaving jobs, or those of you who may have been stuck with a head full of doubt may finally be getting the bravery to take a leap of faith. Either that, or there will be divine intervention. This could mean some people losing their jobs and being forced to make a move in the right direction, or by what I like to call a ‘tower moment’ coming in and changing your life a bit.

Mars in Gemini will likely make us decide that we do not have any time for BS.

Although there may be disagreements and arguments, I think that for the most part, people will be so exhausted from the turbulence of last month that humor will be poked at conflict, and although you may become swept up in the moment of anger- once an emotion has been expressed people won’t care to dwell on it.

We will likely find the urge to speak our minds and communicate our desires and aspirations. This is the first step in April’s plans to be able to set us on track.

Communication is exactly how we can establish our goals and begin to speak our dreams into reality.

Mars sextiles Chiron next, meaning that once we have spoken these desires in some way (which could just mean admitting them to ourselves), we will see the purpose of our restlessness and what it was that we were waiting for. We will be able to channel our energy accordingly to be able to bring about any desired change which lies within us, and that is when the ball really starts moving.

Pluto opposes the North node. Pluto is all about powerful transformation, and the North Node is an area dedicated to your life path, your purpose, what you are here to do- what’s meant for you.

This transit means that the action plan for transformation is fully underway as you will begin working towards your goals whether you are aware of it or not.

For some, this change may be obvious- like a conscious plan that you’re putting in motion. Plans which you have for your business being put into action, putting yourself out there to date again, getting involved in some form of charity work.

For some, this could be subtler. You may just finally be able to do something different which in a couple of years will lead you to exactly where you need to be for a breakthrough.

You might start up a blog, or start making art, something that’s just a hobby for now which might lead you to a new door to open.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are always being guided.

The New Moon falls on the 4th in the sign of Aries. As a brief overview, you can very much utilise this energy to concentrate on setting your intentions to grow in a particular direction, or manifest something totally knew that you have been wanting for a while. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this is an excellent time to start a clean slate and use this almost as a new year.

Treat it like the beginning of a New Year, because it is.

You may be so excited by your action plan, or this new hobby; and you may have thrown yourself into this so quickly that you could have been blind to any challenges you may face along the way.

As Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 7th, you may find that a common theme cropping up in your life is reminding yourself of any challenges or risks you may face along the journey.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve sacrificed a lot of spare time, or that people are judging you for the choices you’re making.

Facing these things may be daunting at first, but with awareness comes acceptance- so you will likely have the ability to overcome these fears/challenges and have the willpower to continue on; or you will discover a better way of doing something.

You will be able to acknowledge how to meet your needs and remain grounded on your path. You may find yourself taking control, or setting boundaries where you need to.

The Sun squares Saturn on the 10th just as Jupiter goes into retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.

This Jupiter retrograde is 17 weeks long. Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth expansion and gifts. Retrograde in Jupiter means your blessings are on the way and your hard work is about to pay off, but it may not be obvious as you’re revising what it is that you truly want, and how it can be sustainable.

You’ll also likely be reconsidering your beliefs.

In order to get what you want and create the life you want to live- you have to become the person who owns the life you want to live.

This involves a lot of compromise and changes in perception, an education.

Because Jupiter retrograde is in Sagittarius, the 12th house of spiritualism, these gifts may not be obvious. They may come in the form of realisations and epiphanies.

There may be a wave of being going through ‘spiritual awakening’ or generally becoming curious about how everything links together.

People may be wanting to find peace after experiencing their ‘tower moments’ where they’ve been forced to re-evaluate their life.

The Sun squaring Saturn may mean that the beginning of this retrograde might be a bit frustrating for you as you become more aware that obtaining the life you want to live requires a lot of patience and work.

Mercury squares Jupiter on the 12th reasoning with you. You will likely become more conscious when it comes to how to get what you want in a way that’s best for you. Stop whining- start doing.

You don’t have to give up on your aspirations because they might seem a little daunting, so be sure to not be so one track minded that you overlook indirect opportunities to help you achieve your goals.  

Communication will likely be blunter and to the point around the 17th of the month and onwards.

On the 19th, there is the full moon in the sign of Scorpio.

This full moon cycle is all about transformation. What do you need to let go of so that you can bring in the new?

It is also likely that a lot of truths will be coming to light both in your individual reality and on a global scale.

Perhaps a crime which has been in the public eye will be exposed, a political plan will be exposed and explained to the public.

Individually, you might be releasing any grudges, coming to terms with something that you might have spent a lot of time resisting, something like that.

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th!

Taurus is a very grounded sign that can be very calming. Taurus take their time on things and would rather have things done right than hurried, stability is very important to them in one way or another. During this time, you may find yourself having more discipline and wanting to knuckle down and ground your wants into reality.

Taurus will help you with all these transits going on.

You might be really wanting to take your time on perfecting certain aspects of your life at this time.

Aries season begins projects, Taurus season grounds your lifestyle and makes it more stable.

Venus also enters Aries on the 20th, meaning that you will be less hesitant than normal when it comes to pursuing desires instantaneously.

Venus in Aries carries the vibe of ‘I want it, I got it’.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus (wheyooo) on the 23rd, meaning there will FINALLY be some kind of material, physical breakthrough in your life. It may not be big, but it will be there.

Maybe you’ll get that freelancing job, or meet someone who isn’t a complete mismatch for you on a date.

Venus conjuncts Chiron at the same time which I am seeing as you being able to see the beauty in the lessons you have learned, so it could be that something will be revealed to you which puts you at peace.

I always say that hindsight makes the challenges in your life seem like an absolute blessing, so maybe this is the time that you’ll feel grateful for something working out as it did.

Pluto goes retrograde on the 24th, which is going to last for 6 months. Pluto is the planet of transformation, so best believe that whatever you’re doing now will send you on a journey of growth and expansion. As if there wasn’t already enough assurance for you.

You will be propelled into your life path and you’ll be exactly where you need to be in terms of your life plan by the end of it (provided you follow your guidance).

This may seem like a curious place to be when it comes to it, but just have faith that everything is working out in accordance to divine planning.

Like Alice in Wonderland.

What do we have to compare our lives to anyway except expectations and fantasy?

Mars squares Neptune on the 27th just before Saturn goes retrograde, which will probably feel a little bit challenging. You may have a little moment of insecurity where you fear that your goals are unattainable, which will encourage you to work harder. You will be revisiting old challenges during Saturn retrograde to test your progress and growth. When you get to this point in the month- remember that it’s just the planets. Saturn wants to give you gifts, but you have to be old and wise enough to receive them.

April Tarotcast

For the month of April, a lot of you are going to be wanting to bring forward an idea and spin it into gold.

For the first portion of the month you’ll be evaluating what you’re going to need to do/what action you’re going to have to take to bring this idea to life.
You’re seeking out the right people to tell who will create with you as opposed to judging you or sneakily sabotaging you.
For those of you wanting a relationship, you really might be looking into dating again or at least realising that being in a relationship isn’t a bad thing.

During the middle of the month you’ll be revisiting your plan and scrubbing up the details, you may have found someone to co-create with or you’re working on your project independently in the meantime as you realise that waiting around will hold you back.

This month holds a lot of promise for those of you that are dating. People are open to new beginnings right now so a lot of new relationships/potential partners will be in the same mindset as you are. Just don’t hang about and sit on the fence too much. If you feel it, now is the time to act on it.

During the final weeks, there will be massive breakthroughs for people in terms of love and money. The two of cups is my favourite card in the deck and signifies a relationship between two people who were destined for each other. I’m not saying this is for everyone but when this energy is in the air it holds a lot of promise for things to be working out in your favour. With the 6 of wands I’m feeling that a lot of you have really made your own luck this month and if you’ve been working to stay optimistic through any struggle you face, the next step up will be a real powerful one for you.

Please keep in mind that this is a general reading for the entire month.

Ride the wave this month, as it’s gonna be a journey. Happy April my dudes.

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Becky Xx

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