adulting: eating (+veggie tips)

Every healthy person needs a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. That stands as a point regardless of what diet plan you’re on.

There are so many variations of diets and strong beliefs and opinions about diet that I’m just not even gonna go there.

I for one was so overwhelmed by diet and people telling me what to do that I either stopped eating or ate junk food because it was quick and easy.

Here are some tips on eating like a grown up.

  • Do a weekly shop and try to figure out exactly what you want before you go. Plan your meals for the week ahead. This will help you budget, find the cheapest prices, prevent waste, and get the task done sooner.
  • Don’t think that you either have to be a chef or a microwave meal person with no in between. Sounds like an obvious statement but perfectionism seems to be Generation Z’s disease.
  • Keep a note on a notes app or in a journal of all the good meal ideas you have, and refer back to it when you feel stuck. In a routine you can come up with some really good ideas for packed lunch or whatever and as soon as you get out of the swing you forget about it. Keep a note.
  • Meal prep. Not necessarily for days in advance like gym folk and bikini competitors, but meal prep for lunches the day before a day out/at work. It’s cost effective and healthier.
  • If you stain an item of Tupperware leave it to soak with a bit of baking soda and gently rub the stain off.
  • Keep a routine where possible where certain times of day are dedicated to eating and preparing food.
  • The more bland you have your meals the more you’re gonna crave junk food.
  • Try to incorporate veggies into any meal you have as a side.

This one is for my veggies n vegans.

  • Follow vegan accounts on insta, pinterest and youtube for ideas and inspiration and ease.
  • Chickpea curries, lentil Bolognese, veggie burgers, and marinated tofu are in my opinion the most versatile things to make. I tend to make these things in batch and eat them over time.
  • Remember that cool vegetables such as courgette and bell pepper exist because nobody is expecting you to live off carrots and potato.
  • There is nothing wrong with being a basic bitch as long as you are enjoying a meal and eating well.
  • Soy sauce, tomato puree, hummus. *chefs kiss*
  • Get tinned beans and stuff, the aggro of soaking your own lentils isn’t worth it considering it really doesn’t make much difference in cost. A tin of lentils is good for 1 or 2 meals depending on how much you eat and they’re like 45p in tesco. Same with chickpeas and literally all types of beans.
  • Consider Linda McCartney and quorn a treat as opposed to a staple to a veggie diet. They’re not the best for you, and they’re quite expensive if you’re on a budget.
  • Nutritional Yeast lasts SO much longer than cheese and it gives all the flavour of cheese that a person would want.
  • When I first went veggie I was yelled at by Freelee the Banana Girl to ‘CARB THE FUCK UP’ which resulted in me feeling bloated and anaemic at all times. Freelee, I love u queen, but I misunderstood and I think a lot of veggies do. What freelee meant was ‘porridge is good for you’, ‘eat a potato with your lentils to keep you full’, ‘a pizza is okay every once and a while and they can be healthy’. Freelee did not mean ‘eat those 3 bowls of pasta in one sitting Becky, it’s vegan you won’t gain weight’.
  • Fruit is honestly so lush but try to eat more vegetables than fruit. Fruit has a lot of sugar which if overdone can damage the teeth.

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