adulting: chores

Ways to make chores less boring:

  • Get yourself pumped by getting off the sofa and putting some dancey music on. Literally dance around your house while you are doing the chores.
  • Make you doing chores a big deal in your head, so you’re like ‘when I’m done I’m actually going to be the best adult ever this is such a good adult thing for me to do, my friends wish they were me’. I swear it feeds the child ego in you and you just feel so good for having done a mundane task.
  • Remind yourself how gross you will feel walking around a dirty environment (that makes cleaning more satisfying than it does fun but whatever).


  • Literally just clean up after yourself as you go along when it comes to cooking, getting out of bed, dealing with paperwork, etc. Put things back where they belong and don’t let it clog up, just for the sake of an easier life.
  • Have 3 little bins instead of one big bin to make recycling easier. Then you can just tip them into the outside bins every week rather than having the time consuming task of dividing your waste up out of the inside bin in the name of saving the planet.
  • You should wash/change your bedclothes once every 2 weeks. After 2 weeks bed bugs will start grossing up your sleep area.
  • Hoovering/sweeping is a weekly job. It’s honestly so much better whizzing about the floor once a week than having to ‘thoroughly’ go over a rank carpet for like 30 mins trying to make it look less gross.
  • Don’t put sharp knives or non-stick pans in the dishwasher
  • Clean your bathroom once a week
  • Clean the inside of your oven once a month (if you use it multiple times a week)
  • Do your clothes laundry either once a week or once every 2 weeks depending on how many clothes you have
  • I’m just gonna say it, ironing is not a priority unless you’re dealing with a shirt or something that crinkles easily. It just isn’t. Hang your washing up to dry or hang your laundry up straight out of the tumble dryer and the creases won’t even be a thing in most materials. Deal with the burden of ironing when you’re old enough to care if Maura from Bingo notices a fold in your crisp beige trouser. Until then, it doesn’t have to be a concern.

Paperwork chores:

  • When I say paperwork chores, I mean chores which involve paperwork or computer usage, which only crop up every now and then. Registering for something, sorting out insurance, paying bills, dealing with the bank, etc. Make a list of paperwork chores and allocate an afternoon to sitting and doing paperwork chores with a drink n a snack whenever you have something come up that needs to be dealt with.

Once it’s done it’s done, and the more you see it as just something you do alongside having a drink and a snack the more you’ll be inclined to do it as opposed to procrastinating. We are adults but honestly, we are just huge kids and we will usually be persuaded using the same treats as a literal child.

  • Make a rough budget for the month ahead at the end of every month.

Things to help you get your shit together:

  • Bullet journaling (never done it myself but heard that it helps. Also it’s aesthetically pleasing)
  • Keep a monthly calendar somewhere that you’ll see it every day and a weekly diary that you can carry with you.
  • Spend as little time doing chores as possible so that you’re more enthused to do it frequently. Keep the tasks small.

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