A Prophecy

I was writing an article on the sexual assault allegations and received a “vision”/“download”/“prediction” (whatever you wanna call it, believer in psychics or not) regarding a massive shift in society and the way people will see things/live life. We will see this shift visibly in this lifetime and it will pick up speed pretty quick. 

Current events which have been triggered by astronomical shifts have meant a lot of truths have been brought to light, shadiness has been brought to light, patterns have been unveiled and basically anything which is not true, honest, built on a stable and sustainable foundation is CRUMBLING. This is both on a small scale of people’s personal lives/relationships/jobs and on a large scale of industries/governmental decisions/support of those in power. 

This is Karl Marx’ prophecy/prediction of a revolution coming true. 

Marx predicted that there would be a social revolution in which the working class would rise up and overthrow the upper class. This was perceived to mean riots and quitting jobs, this was perceived to happen in a very explosive way because of the amount of change it would trigger. As we go through this revolution, we don’t realise it’s happening because it’s happening in such a subtle way. For example, grenfell not being forgotten because people are not gonna be hushed- because governmental control is weaker, cracks are showing and more obvious than ever.

Astrology would describe it as us going from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces demands leadership and a top down way of running things which has lead to a lot of mistreatment, manipulation and keeping the small small. We are now entering the age of Aquarius. This is our revolution. Age of Aquarius means we handle our own business, we are our own leaders, we take control of ourselves. 

To ground this astrological talk back to Earth- I’ll demonstrate how this is happening. It began years ago but is picking up speed. Look at entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Jeffree star. Those who have come from nothing, with somewhat of a disadvantage, have built everything for themselves. Influencers on social media who have built a career for themselves. A generation of New Age travellers and gypsies who reject the model of working the 9-5 and travel around generating independent and innovative ways to support themselves. People who come from nothing, take charge of themselves, and create their own stability. Look at the rise of technology which is being used to expose underlying faults in society, police brutality, racism, flaws in authoritarian control. Look at industries such as YouTube making money off of giving a voice to those who get views rather than having the voice be overridden by what “looks good”. That final point has been restricted these last few years as certain videos have began being censored or demonetised, but this will change as people continue to wake up and become less dependent on those in charge. 

This isn’t happening to tear down the upper class or to rise up the working class, it’s happening to humble and empower people and bring everyone to a more equal balance. It’s the end of a cycle and beginning of a new one.

We are going through the revolution as we speak, and the more this effect snowballs, the more the role models come from nothing and create their abundance off of integrity- the quicker this will pick up. The less people will be silenced and controlled by fear. 

I’m not gonna predict the way life is gonna look in 20 years because I could be wrong. Karl Marx was bang on the money about social revolution but functionalists rejected his ideas because of the way he said it was gonna happen. I’m not gonna predict something which can take away the relevance of the truth I’m speaking, I’m gonna bring your awareness to it and let you watch it unfold for yourself. This is a very exciting generation to be experiencing. Anything that can no longer hold up is gonna fall away. 

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