5 Things I Learned During a Tough Week

1) People are fearful of what they do not understand. Work on understanding and the fear will perish.

2) Resentment is a waste of time and only breeds unhappiness.

3) Look back on life and all the weird little coincidences and detours that brought you where you are- look at how far you’ve come. Things you hated the idea of changing landed you in a much better place once you surrendered and let it happen. Have faith that all tests are going to land you somewhere where it will all be okay.

4) You can either dwell on the actions of others or work on not experiencing that again. Instead of stewing in “how dare they say this to me”, “that’s not true”, “is it true?” Ask yourself “how did I invite this into my life?”. That is not to say you are deserving of shit situations nor is it blaming you for what happened to you- it is simply asking in a matter of fact manner how you can adapt your life to make sure this doesn’t happen again. You can go on a massive emotional spew of “well I’m never being nice to anyone again because it doesn’t get you anywhere” or you can remain open to positivity and consider; “do I need to set more boundaries with people? Where do I need to draw the line in future? Do I need to treat people better? How can I be less reliant on others without closing myself off?”. The latter sounds more appealing.

5) When you are sad, sometimes you can snowball the sad into bigger sad because you act with less care and more emotion. Sometimes you can treat people shitty because you have sore open wounds and you feel hard done by. Take responsibility for the bad you do. Fuck your pride, it’s all for your own peace at the end of the day. The world is hard enough without the burden of pride.

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