whats happening?

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, the time has come. New Earth is here. Change is here.

But there is so much going on at once. 

I (like many people) have been drip fed knowledge about this happening over the last 3 years. 



I have been catching peoples attention and giving them the ‘wow’ factor by revealing information that I have become aware of, and sharing them on again. 

I’ve been giving you snippets so you are shocked and intrigued, therefore you follow what I say. 

I’m a tarot reader, astrologer, empath and ‘psychic’, and I do have abilities.




But I haven’t been sitting in a room by myself making all these worldly predictions. 

I’ll get a nudge in a particular direction, and I will focus on it.

As I focus on what I’m being nudged towards, things related to that come into awareness. 

I fall down a rabbit hole of people who know more on the topic than me. 

That is how everybody learns.

That’s why you know so much about your favourite Kardashian, or why you’re so good at playing an instrument, or writing.

However, playing my part in the awakening of a large group of people has been VERY important to me. 

So I have tried to be smart about catching people’s attention before they write me off as a nut.

When I first woke up and started talking about what I knew about New World Order, people called me mentally ill.

People would not listen that way, because they weren’t ready to listen.

So I stopped talking in a certain way and realised that in that moment, my path was to help leverage in an awakening.

You will see now that I have a LARGE track record of things that have come true. 

They are a mix of my own personal predictions, and a mix of predictions/ projects/ truths known by communities that have educated me. 

There is an element of ego that smiles smugly when a prediction comes true because I am a human being and human beings don’t like being attacked and called mentally ill for simply doing what they feel like they were put on Earth to do. In the most loving way you can do it. With the intention of bringing about peace.

But even with an element of ego present, I don’t do it for status.

I do it to wake people up and expand their consciousness. 

When you have a simple declaration and truth, people cannot deny or gaslight what has been said.

Denial and gaslighting is what keeps masses of people stuck. I want to encourage people out of that mindset.

It’s worked. And I know the people who have awakened around me will create a ripple affect.

In the last few days of me posting about the black lives matter movement and educating people, I was speaking to my boyfriend about how I am frustrated because I want people to do the same as me, not compliment me. I want people to speak up. Do as I do. Because I am no different to them.

And today, I was speaking to someone else about everything going on in the world, and they helped me to realise that now is the time to share with people how I know the things that I do. 

It’s time that I share the resources. 

One thing I have learned is that when you awaken, whether that be to societal issues such as racism and child trafficking, or spiritual enlightenment where you understand that all your conditioning is a lie to keep you controlled; when you awaken, you can only rise. 

Your consciousness does not stagnate. You gradually become more open and you connect more dots.

I became aware of racism and the injustice of the political system in the UK at age 15 when my racially diverse school mates taught me about how it deeply affects us all. 

I became aware of the Black Lives Matter movement and therefore was introduced to the tip of the corrupt iceberg that America is based on.

At age 18 I had a relationship that I believed was a ‘twin flame’ relationship. The sheer level of personal chaos I went through during that time forced me to go WITHIN. 

I watched ‘twin flame’ readers on YouTube who talked about what was going to happen in the world, taught me that the intensity of what I was feeling was nothing to do with the relationship but instead what I was learning about myself. 

Conditioning coming undone. 

And when I went within not only did I understand why I was the way I was (from looking at conditioning I had from being raised in my family), I also understood why I believed certain things (from being taught in a school and by TV).

Moral of the story?

Everything you see externally is determined by how free you are internally.

How free is your mind?

It’s time to share this now because so much truth is coming to light.

You are only ever ignorant when you insist that you know it all. 

Sloan Bella, Aluna Ash, David Wilcock are people who have enlightened me to everything I know about New World Order. 

They revealed that covid-19 was created by billionaires. Something I didn’t believe until I undid that conditioning. 

Now I see it clear as day.

They revealed that there is an elite cult placed slightly above the government who drink the blood of children and have evil agendas. 

I didn’t believe that. I thought that was insane movie shit. 

But I undid the conditioning, and I see it now. 

Just as racism is conditioning, so is immediate defence of these ‘outlandish’ movie-like claims. 

Why do you think the movies following these same plots are made?

You are taught to discredit psychics because people who see the truth have the power to dismantle all that is kept hidden from us. 

I am talking about racism. I am talking about sex trafficking, modern day slavery. 

I’m talking about the people in power. 

I’ve given you my timeline of awakening to show you that awakening is gradual, and even now I see things that I’m skeptical of at first because I still have conditioning that was installed in us to keep us segregated and fighting. 

I am a good psychic, and I have awakened a lot of people- but it’s not because I am any different to any of you. It’s because I consume different information. 

With that in mind, here is a video that was shared with me. 

I don’t agree with all things said in the video above, but I have a mind open enough to filter out parts that resonate with me. And through expanding my mind I have learned that whether I agree or disagree makes no difference to what the truth is.

There is more information to come out about The Royal Family, Trump, Hilary Clinton, Obama, and so much more. 

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